3 Ideas for Beautiful Religious Gifts for Women

For the little lady in your life experiencing her First Holy Communion or the woman celebrating her anniversary of holy matrimony, you would want to find the perfect gift to mark the occasion. You want to show this woman or young lady how much she means to you and how proud you are of how far she's come in life. After looking over different ideas of beautiful religious gifts for women, you must wonder what exactly is the right thing to give her.

At J Devlin Glass Art, we are proud of all of our work, but especially of the wide selection of items we have made to fit just this occasion. We do our best to provide our customers with stunning works of glass art that anyone would be proud to present as a gift and delighted to receive. We are honored that so many have chosen to celebrate these significant, cherished moments, giving our art as gifts. We have a sizable offering of religious gifts for women, so you are bound to find the one you are looking for here. To make this easier for you to decide, we put together a list of recommendations for you to consider for your needs. Look over these items and imagine which one would make the special lady smile the brightest.

Picture Frames

Picture frames universally make great gifts for anyone and any occasion. Choose a beautiful photo of the person you are shopping for on their special day, be it a Confirmation or a wedding, and then pick the frame to go with it. We have lots of picture frames with religious motifs that you can then personalize with an engraved message. They will appreciate the sentiment behind this gift and cherish it as a reminder of that special day, displaying their faith. Picture frames work well as gifts for people of all ages, celebrating weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, etc. You can even reflect on the past and give her a framed photograph of herself when she was little, as a wedding or Confirmation gift to show her maturity over the years. But watch out for the waterworks if you do try that.

Jewelry Boxes

For a truly beautiful gift that will make her eyes light up, consider giving her an engraved jewelry box. Much like the picture frames, you can personalize your gift to her with a message on the lid to mark the event with your names, the date, or even a brief quote. This could also serve as a subtle nudge for her to get herself a bit more organized if she is known for leaving things like jewelry lying around. It is a practical gift she will use often and think of you for. Young girls might enjoy it as their first “real” jewelry box. And even if she already has one, she could find a use for this one in her life. It also makes a great place to gather lots of small keepsakes, letters, and cards. However she puts it to use, she will appreciate it for what it means.

Christmas Ornaments

Last on our list of beautiful religious gifts for women is glass Christmas ornaments. While this gift works for people of all ages, it might best be appreciated by young girls who still get excited for the holidays to roll around every year. With her own precious glass ornament, she will feel more involved in the decorating process and happily mark the tree as her own. Look for some beautiful angelic, star, or cross-shaped ornaments, especially ones that can be engraved with her name. This will be a fun gift for her to receive now, but become a much more sentimental gift for her later as she grows up and still holds onto that little glass ornament.

Now that you've got a good idea of all of the religious gifts for women that you can choose from, you should be ready to make a decision for yourself. Think of the person you are shopping for and try to envision how she will receive the gift and what role it will play in her life from here on. Each of these items is not only meant to serve as art, being enjoyed for their design, but also for the purpose they serve. They combine form and function to make a kind, thoughtful gift that shows you care and wanted something to express that. Whichever one you choose, we are sure that the woman receiving it will be grateful, simply because you chose it just for her.

Just remember that your friends at J Devlin Glass Art want to make this moment special for the both of you, so if you need any additional guidance, feel free to send us a message at customerservice@jdevlinglassart.com and we will be more than happy to offer our thoughts.

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