Collection: Santa Figurines

We are very excited to bring to you Bert's Santa figurines.

Bert's creativity starts with an idea or a theme for each Santa. The themes are varied including a patriotic Santa, a bald Santa and a singing Santa. The one thing they all have in common they are not like other Santa's on the market.

Once Bert has an idea the sculpting begins. Subtle nuances and the detailing in the sculpting make them in a class by themselves. Bert's originals are reproduced in resin and hand painted by skilled artisans and antiqued to enhance the detailing. The result is an exact copy of the original work that is ready for someone to enjoy.

“There are two aspects of this venture that make all the work worthwhile,” explains Bert. “The first is the thrill of seeing a personality emerge from a lump of clay. The second is that people enjoy my work enough that they take one of my pieces into their home and make it a part of their lives. As an artist, that is the greatest compliment any could give me.”

Check out the collection available and watch for new additions.