Collection: Frames

There truly isn’t anything more classic or authentic for displaying prideful mementos in nearly any setting than stunning photo frames. That is precisely why we provide the highest quality glass photo frames on the market today. No one should use photo frames of unbecoming quality to highlight some of their most beautiful milestones. 

Here at J Devlin, we use intricate processes to create all of our glass frames. Each and every frame is designed using a late 19th-century copper foil and solder technique, which was developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. We have paired this timeless and tried-and-true process with modern designs to bestow unique, memorable, and enamoring creations unto any setting.

Not only is the design of each piece meticulous, but so are the material selections and usages. Here at J Devlin, we only use the finest and most high-quality materials available in all of our offerings, but especially our photo frames. Such materials include:

     Lead-free solder
     Clear glass and authentic stained glass
     Antique charcoal patina and wax atop both the metal trim and solder

We also pride ourselves on offering glass picture frames of widely varying colors, shapes, sizes, and motifs in order to meet any and all preferences. The orientation of photos within them can be either horizontal or vertical and be of a wide range of dimensions. We even have options that are double or triple-hinged for more photo displaying options.

No matter which of our numerous options you choose, there will be no doubt that the photo(s) within it will be masterfully and elegantly illuminated and honored. Bring your precious moments to life and feel unequivocal joy every time you see them in your home or office.