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Boost the interior decor of your home with stained glass lamps from J Devlin Glass Art. Our mini lamps will not only bring light to your home, but they will also draw attention and add beauty with their unique, handcrafted designs. Accent your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom with a mini lamp, sized to fit small spaces and light dark corners.  J Devlin products combine an age-old art form with 21st century designs for timeless pieces of functional art.

You don't want just any present when you're looking for a way to pay tribute to a lost loved one. Memory lamps are designed to serve as a constant reminder of a departed loved one or pet's presence in our lives. Because of the high degree of attention and distinctive aesthetic quality that goes into the intricate workmanship of these specialized bereavement gift items, these lamps are among the most desirable lighting options on the market. These beautiful accent lamps are great gifts for a variety of other special occasions as well, such as birthdays, weddings, new homes, and anniversaries.