7 Best and Most Thoughtful Baptism Gifts for Babies

7 Best and Most Thoughtful Baptism Gifts for Babies

When witnessing your loved one’s baby go through a ceremonial baptism, the experience can be truly enlightening, uplifting, and overall impactful. Their bright future filled with endless opportunities is splayed before you as they are being welcomed into the Church and washed free of their sins.

A baptism is indeed a miraculous experience for all to see, so much so that it requires the proper recognition and celebration– and that includes gifting the newly baptized baby. However, it is no doubt difficult to know what present to give to a baby.

That is precisely why we have compiled this list of the best and most thoughtful baptism gifts for babies: so you can gift the baby something truly special, unique, and memorable that they can love for years to come.

1.Baptism Keepsake Box

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When searching for a stunning, high-quality, and practical gift that will last for years, we couldn’t recommend a baptism keepsake box more. Our keepsake boxes in particular are crafted using a tried-and-true copper foil and solder technique from the 18th century which is symphonically paired with modern designs.

With our glass baptism keepsake boxes, you have options aplenty: with or without a dangling cross, personalized engravings (name, date, a quote from scripture, and more), the color of glass, and motifs.

These boxes make for stunning decorative pieces that properly highlight such a momentous occasion all the while being able to house and display important keepsakes.

2.Glass Photo Frame
Another superb gift to give a baby for their baptism is a personalized glass photo frame. These properly display this prideful moment and have professionally engraved names, dates, and other phrases, such as “Baptized in Christ,” for that special touch of personalization.

Our glass photo frames are created using the same process as our keepsake boxes, so you can have confidence in your selection and gift presentation. Our offerings also are widely variant in options, such as horizontal or vertical orientation, font types, photo sizes, frame bases, frame shapes, and much more.

3.Personalized Baby Blanket
Another great option, no matter your specific relationship with the child or the parents, is to give them a personalized baby blanket. Babies truly cannot have enough baby blankets and gifting them one with their name and other special information based around their baptism is an undeniably kind and thoughtful gesture.

4.Bangle Bracelet
Yet another meritable option in choosing baptism gifts for babies is a personalized bangle bracelet. These bracelets perfectly commemorate this important milestone all the while providing the baby with a gorgeous piece of jewelry– potentially their first as well– that will likely last them years.

When they do inevitably outgrow their bracelet, it will not go to waste. They can keep their bracelet in a jewelry box or even a keepsake box as mentioned above, forever remembered and sublimely exhibited.

baptism gifts for babies

5.Personalized and Engraved Cross
Gifting the blessed child with a personalized and engraved cross is another excellent way of celebrating such an exciting occasion. Here at J Devlin, we offer such crosses that are made of high-quality clear glass and meticulous engraving, making for a sublimely elegant piece of home decor.

Our personalized crosses already come with engraved praying hands and “Baptized in Christ,” but you get to decide the name and baptism date to add to it. They all come with a dainty chain so that the cross of your choosing can be properly displayed in the child’s nursery as a gorgeous
decoration and reminder of their Christian faith.

6.Baby’s First Bible with Inscription
In lieu of their induction into the Church, gifting the baby with their very first bible along with a personal inscription is both on par and thoughtful. The bible is the most important book in their faith, but providing them with a baby’s first bible helps in introducing popular bible stories, such as those about Moses and Noah’s ark.

These versions of the bible are more digestible for the baby, typically come with colorful pictures, and are a great way to build their love and appreciation for their religion. With the added inscription from you, they can enjoy these stories knowing and feeling unequivocal love for both God and family.

7.Baptism Ornament
An ornament is always an excellent gift for several other milestones, but one that contains the baby’s name, the date of their baptism, and even a picture of them on the day is truly an excellent baptism gift idea. They can display this either on their Christmas tree or even in their nursery, continually reminding them of this monumental moment in their young lives.

When you are considering baptism gifts for babies, you can trust us to supply you with thoughtful, endearing, and gorgeous options to properly celebrate their baptismal day. Browse all of our religious gifts to find what speaks to you the most (and don’t forget about our free shipping!). If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call today at 844-772-2145.

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