Butterfly Home Décor Is Cheerful and Charming

Butterfly Home Décor Is Cheerful and Charming

Butterfly Home Decor and Gifts

Not only does butterfly home décor allow you to accent with a variety of colors, but it adds a magical aura to your home. That’s what makes butterfly home décor so much fun! Try one of these J. Devlin Pic 345 series cross reed glass photo frames to add a punch of color to a shelf or end table. Each glass photo frame in this series comes with a beautiful butterfly image that can be displayed as artwork…use one during the spring or summer and change to your favorite seasonal photo when you’re ready for something new. Or simply dangling a stained glass butterfly in your window brings colorful sparkles to a room, instantly brightening the atmosphere. If you are as fascinated with butterflies as we are, you’ll enjoy this butterfly quote by R.H. Heinlein, “Butterflies are like self-propelled flowers.” They bring a magical burst of color into your life!

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