Buy A Jewelry Box at J Devlin Glass Art: Some Top Selections

At J Devlin Glass Art, we’ve rewritten the whole book on what it means to offer glass art of stellar craftsmanship and character. If you’re familiar with our products you already know this well. If this is the first time you’ve come to buy a jewelry box , then you’ve stumbled upon a real treasure trove.

At J Devlin Glass Art, all of our glass art, not just our jewelry boxes, represents a portfolio of designs that we devised ourselves in house. In addition, each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans - none of our pieces are what you might call a shelf item. Each and every piece is an original work of art, and we are the artists.

In addition, our stained glass pieces are made with real, Tiffany-method stained glass which is created by adding metals and metal oxides to the glass in a molten state. The result is amazing colorfastness. Our glass art will never fade, and the colors are amazingly deep and rich. In addition, real stained glass interacts with the light, so you may find that some of our boxes and other glassworks seem to change colors with the light. Handmade and unique, our pieces are decorated with our lead-free metal tracery that gives a little more personality to each piece.

Speaking of personality, many of our pieces can be personalized with names, dates and other engravings, which is just one more way you can make an already amazing gift so much more special. Here are some picks from our collection that give a fair sampling of some of the styles we can offer you if you’ve come to buy a jewelry box .

Our Box 888 is a great introduction to the type of style that you’ll find here on our site. It’s not overly ornate, sits on four small metal feet and is accented by our solder beading. What makes this box really unique are the rippled iridescent panels that compose it. They will play with the light throughout the day, which is something you’ll definitely want to see.

Our Box 850 is another fairly simple example of the types of beauty you will find in one of our jewelry boxes for sale. This box starts to take on a new character with its hexagonal shape, which offers a refreshing twist to the eye. It is also decorated with our lead-free solder, but this box, like the former, is really remarkable because of the depth of its rich blue color, very like cobalt blue.

If you happened to be looking for something to give as a religious gift or to celebrate an occasion like baptism, communion or confirmation, you’ll have a hard time finding something nicer than our Box 349-3. This particularly offering shows off a mixing of elements suffused by rich, royal purple. A mix of smooth beveled panels plays with the incorporation of textured panels to fascinate the attention. It’s completed by a solder cross ornament, nearly the perfect gift for a religious milestone.

Few of the boxes in our collection show off more color than our Box 815 which is fairly more complex in its design than some of the other boxes we’ve shown so far. With striated sides and a richly colored lid showing off all of the primary and secondary colors, this is a striking piece from our collection. Get it and set it in a location that offers a challenging color scheme to match - it will do just fine.

We have two selections here that would be perfect as gifts for Valentine’s day gifts for that special lady in your life. Take a look at our Box 778, which is a wonder of composition and style. Hexagonal like the blue box featured above, this box sets atop of deep, rich red panels surrounding a heart above crystal clear beveled sides. Another great choice that completes a similar effect is our Box 622. What it doesn’t present directly in color it offers in a playful design. This clear iridescent box features a solder heart framed atop the lid, which gives it a vivid, warm, feeling of antiquarian charm.

Taking a break from the classical geometry of what it means to be a box is our Box 514, which is a cylindrical box richly detailed and ornamented with color, patterns, and solder ornamentation. The round lid is accented with tiles of our stained and textured glass, while the walls are floridly embellished with texture. It’s a wonderful example of the skill of our craftsman and would make a fitting gift for many different occasions.

If you’ve come to buy a jewelry box don’t see quite what you’re looking for in these, don’t be shy about giving us a call at 844-772-2145 because we’d love to hear from you and help you find the perfect gift. Check out our other fantastic jewelry boxes and don’t forget that all orders through our site ship free!

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