Color Cubes: Be My Valentine Color Palette Inspiration

Color Cubes: Be My Valentine Color Palette Inspiration

Be My Valentine Color Cubes

Everywhere you look you see an array of color. It may be super bright, washed out, or somewhere in between, but no matter what its hue, it has a large influence on your daily life. That’s why we’ve created Color Cubes.

Color Cubes are intended to help you select specific colors to convey a certain theme or mood. Perhaps you’re enthusiastically delving into that DIY project you saw last week on Pinterest. Maybe you’re bringing new life into your living room with fresh paint, curtains, and furnishings. 

Or maybe you’re looking for a new colorful scarf to perk up your stale wardrobe. Careful color selection will result in a fantastic final product that looks like you consulted a professional!

Periodically we’ll share new Color Cubes with you demonstrating color combinations we find sensible, appealing, classy, and sometimes fun! We hope they inspire you to create something wonderful.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and February being American Heart Month, we selected a red theme to set the mood for this romantic day and to reflect the important fight against heart disease. It’s all about the heart for our first Color Cubes! This “Be My Valentine” Color Cubes is rich and inviting with warm accent hues. The inspiration for this color palette comes from our favorite J. Devlin Glass Art jewelry box (Box 778). It just shouts romance with its deep reds and a hint of blushing with neutral accents.

Be My Valentine Color Builds:

1. RGB (141, 56, 48) • HEX (#8D3830)
2. RGB (178, 35, 42) • HEX (#B2232A)
3. RGB (196, 171, 152) • HEX (#C4AB98)
4. RGB (250, 230, 214) • HEX (#FAE6D6)

Is there a color combination you’d like to see? Email us and let us know!

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