Corporate Gift Giving, Gifts for the Boss

Corporate Gift Giving, Gifts for the Boss

Whether you’re a large corporation or a microenterprise, you should give serious thought to your corporate gift giving strategy.

Every business has need for a corporate gift giving strategy. No matter how large or small your business—even if you are self-employed—you are likely to have a need for showing your appreciation to someone. Corporate gift giving scenarios include:

  • Holiday corporate gifts for employees or other special occasions such as Administrative Professionals Day, promotions, or a “job anniversary.”
  • Gifts for members of a team that have just completed an important project.
  • An employee who has gone above and beyond your expectations.
  • Retirement gifts.Corporate gifts
  • Key suppliers or vendors that have pulled through for you when you needed it the most.
  • A valued or long-standing customer that has been a boost to your business.
  • A gift for your supervisor on Boss’s Day.

Corporate gift giving is not as easy as one might think. While your intentions are good, your budget may not allow for free spending. Corporate gifts must be chosen with care so your gift is received with the sincere appreciation it was meant to express.

Corporate gifts from your company store bearing your logo may appear to be more about self-promotion than expressing gratitude. Flimsy key chains and small flashlights are easy pickings and don’t reflect an effort from you to select a meaningful gift. Instead, select a corporate gift that shows quality, uniqueness, and professionalism.

Look for a corporate gift that will leave a lasting impression on your recipient. Glass gifts such as those created by J. Devlin Glass Art can be classy, professional gifts. They look stunning in an office and can also enhance home décor as well. Timeless and classy, these glass gifts never go out of style, and yet they have a modern twist that makes them an undeniable centerpiece on a desk, shelf, or bookcase.

J. Devlin Glass Art’s artistic creations are perfect for corporate gift giving and include a wide selection of glass photo frames, glass boxes, glass coaster sets, glass trays, business card holders, stained glass lamps, mini-lamps, stained glass kaleidoscopes, glass ornaments, and glass desk clocks.

In addition to a classy glass gift that can be used at the office or at home by nearly anyone, include a personal note of thanks, which is oftentimes more valuable to the recipient than the gift.

A successful corporate gift giving strategy makes a professional statement while allowing your show of appreciation to be taken to heart.

J. Devlin carries the full line of J. Devlin Glass Art gifts. Shop our online gift store today to find the perfect corporate gifts for those you value most at your business.

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