Decking Out Dad’s Den—Gift Ideas for Dad

Decking Out Dad’s Den—Gift Ideas for Dad

Is your husband or dad one of those guys that is tough to buy for? You know the type…they buy whatever they need when they need it, if they need anything at all! That makes it really tough to find a nice gift for them for special occasions such as Father’s Day, birthdays, or Christmas.

One thing that many men don’t think to buy for is their office or den. They usually leave “decorating” up to someone else, and we have office décor gift ideas for dad that will add sophistication and style to his space—and maybe even a little splash of color.

A glass desk clock will help the busy dad stay on schedule. Try the J. Devlin Opal and Brown Glass Clock (Clk 109) which is outlined in rich stained glass or the J. Devlin Clear Flute Desk Clock (Clk 110) which features vintage textured clear glass surrounded by clear flute glass. Functional and sophisticated, they command attention without being overbearing.

Deck out Dad's Den with a glass desk clock

Stained glass lamps have rich colors and intricate designs and are the perfect accent for a den or office. Among your list of gift ideas for dad, this one should be near the top! Not only do they provide accent lighting, they provide texture and rich colors that flow throughout the room. Available as table lamps or floor lamps, they can be placed on the corner of a desk or next to a bookcase to brighten a dark corner. The mosaic pattern and colors of this Tiffany-style J. Devlin Lam 663 Mosaic Design Table Lamp add a masculine flair to a den or office. 

J. Devlin mosaic stained glass table lamp

Kaleidoscopes provide intense color and designs in small packages, which is perfect for accenting a den. Place this J. Devlin Kal 110 Two-Wheel Kaleidoscope on a bookcase or shelf in dad’s den and you’ll be amazed at how much attention it gets! It provides a mental break and stimulates creativity. It’s like a sophisticated toy for adults (but kids like it too!).

J. Devlin kaleidoscope, gift ideas for dad

Still searching for more gift ideas for dad? Here’s another one…present this J. Devlin Pbox 354 Beveled Glass Photo Box with decorative edging to dad on Father’s Day. Insert a family photo and it’s the perfect desk accessory—classy and personal all wrapped into one! Fill it with Post-It notes, paper clips, snapshots, or something fun like seashells from vacation.

J. Devlin Pbox 354 glass photo box with bevels

If dad enjoys nature or the outdoors, then don’t miss this one on our gift-ideas-for-dad list. It’s a J. Devlin Antler-Themed Glass Coaster Set (Tra 110-16). It comes complete with four glass coasters and a holding tray to ensure his desk never gets water rings on it.

J. Devlin Antler-themed coaster set

Dads love to proudly display photos of their kids on their desks for all visitors to see, not to mention it makes a great conversation piece! Frame his favorite memory of the kids in this J. Devlin English Muffle Glass Photo Frame with filigree trim (Pic 376-57V). His memories will be close at heart even while he’s at work. 

J. Devlin English Muffle glass photo frame

No matter whether it’s dad’s den at home or his office at work, deck out his space with classy and timeless glass decorations for a sophisticated atmosphere he’ll thrive in. Be sure to browse our online gift store for more ideas, or check out our Decking Out Dad’s Den Pinterest board for gift ideas for dad any time of the year.

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