Find the Perfect Gift Among the Elegant, Original Photo Frames for Sale at J Devlin Glass Art

Photographs are a way of capturing a beautiful moment in time and carrying it with us for the rest of our lives. A set of beautiful photos serve as a testament to your greatest achievements, your best days, and your deepest loves, and they deserve to be on display for everyone to see. So when it’s time to pick the perfect frame to hold your life’s most treasured moments, choose a frame that captures the same beauty of life and this world we live in. Here at J. Devlin Glass Art, all of our photo frames for sale are artisan ally crafted with love and pride to make your most precious moments shine.

We personally design each of our artisanal frames, nightlights, lamps, jewelry boxes, and everything else you’ll find in our shop, combining our time-proven traditional glass-making methods with a modern flair. These exclusive designs can’t be found anywhere else; they’re as special and unique as the precious photos you want to put on display. What better way to compliment your favorite memories, achievements, and family members than with beautiful glass pieces just as rare and special as them?

Everyone has their own style. Ours is sleek and elegant glass pieces, either with bursts of color from real stained glass – never plastic! – or sparkling crystal clear framing that puts all of the focus on you. We use many different methods of glass making to create all kinds of designs and pieces to suit any home. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and clear modern frameset to showcase your wedding photos or a colorful vintage stained glass style frame to celebrate your niece’s first Easter, you’ll find the perfect frame to capture exactly how you feel here in our breathtaking collection.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and we like to think our gorgeous frames speak for themselves. With so many different combinations of colors, styles, and textures, each frame has its own story and its own special way of helping you tell yours. Take for example the J. Devlin Pic 372 Series Glass Photo Frames - Pastel Multi Colors English Muffle, one of our many beautiful series of glass photo frames for sale. Each piece in this series features a double layer of decorative framing around the center where your photo will shine. The inner layer offers a gentle texture with curvy clear vintage glass, while the outer layer combines striped clear vintage glass with soft pastel English Muffle style stained glass to create a precious and youthful look.

These frames are perfect for the most innocent of photos: grandchildren playing together, the family or friend’s brand new baby, or even and an extra sweet snapshot of a brand new pet. The clear vintage glass panels and backing allow for the passage of light through the frame, illuminating the beautiful stained glass sections and creating a bright and airy look that’s simply angelic. As with many of our series, you’ll find both horizontal and vertical frames here, as well as perfectly square frames for, especially unique photo styles.

Our beautiful glass frames also make marvelous gifts to celebrate all of life greatest moments. Many of the photo frames for sale here can be engraved to carry across your own special personalized message of well wishes and congratulations. In our Personalized Occasions category, you’ll find a full range of frames to celebrate anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and more. These frames feature personalized laser engraving that’s clean-cut and beautifully accurate, creating a pristine and elegant dedication to melt hearts and carry your love.

Personalized gifts are some of the most meaningful ways to pass on your true feelings to the special people in your life. A beautiful personalized picture frame stands as a solid reminder of your love for the person you give it to, and every time they walk past the lovely display they will be reminded that someone is thinking of them. That’s why so many people choose to give J. Devlin Glass Art pieces as gifts for special events, to capture their sentiments and the beauty of the moment all at once in an elegant frame that will last a lifetime. Our Wedding Monogram Personalized Engraved 4x6 Horizontal Picture Frame, with its vintage postcard look and charming engravings is just one example; with a clear glass panel to the left of the photo slot featuring five lines of personalized engraving, this exclusive frame allows you to create a completely customized wedding gift that will take center place on the happy couple’s mantel.

Our team of master craftsmen has created hundreds of gorgeous, unique pieces like those mentioned here. Each and every one of the photo frames for sale makes both an amazing gift and a wonderful display piece, with sun-catching glass panels and elegant textures that have been perfected over centuries of glassmaking tradition. Browse through our exclusive collection today to find the best piece to tell your story.

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