Light Up Your Life with One of a Kind Stained Glass Night Lights

Glass art pieces and gifts are slowly becoming more common these days, but handcrafted stained glass is still a rare artform. If you’re looking for a truly unique piece to make a memorable gift or give your home a sense of personality and character, J Devlin Glass Art designs are the way to go. Exclusively designed for our personal shop and none other, our artisanally crafted stained glass pieces are some of the most unique home décor items you’ll find on the market. This is especially so for our stained glass night lights, beautiful handmade pieces that liven up your home and charm your guests.

Chances are you remember your favorite night light from childhood. Night lights have a wonderfully soothing quality about them that makes a home feel safe and lived in, even after we’ve out grown our fear of the dark. All of the beautiful stained glass night lights available here at J Devlin Glass Art are more than capable of chasing away all the shadow monsters that haunt your little one’s dreams, but with sophisticated vintage designs alongside the sweet and innocent styles many children love, you’ll find the perfect night light to brighten your own evening spaces as well.

An adult’s night light serves a slightly different purpose than a child’s. When you decorate with an artistic night light, you combine art with functionality to create a beautiful statement piece that serves a purpose beyond looking beautiful. Our stained glass night lights are perfect for guiding late night snackers and early risers alike down darkened halls and into pre-dawn kitchens, and can even serve as a beacon to guide house guests toward the bathroom when nature calls after dark. In this way, night lights make your family and guests feel welcome in your home and help make your lives easier after the sun has set.

Our collection of gorgeous night lights covers a wide range of styles, from fun and friendly animal shapes to more mature natural scenes and abstract artistic pieces. We have nautical themed night lights suited to lighting up a darkened bathroom, as well as colorful and inviting night lights that will bring comfort in a child’s bedroom. Match your interior design style with one of our unique, handcrafted night lights to accent your style. You can even use these night lights to fill an oddly bare corner with a little bit more color, rounding out your space without using all of it up. Our glass night lights go perfectly in large homes and small apartments, and they make excellent house warming gifts for new tenants of all ages. Students can even set up one of our glass night lights in their dorm rooms to fill the space with a warmer, homey feeling and fend off any homesickness that comes with the first week of school.

Among our vast collection of beautiful handmade pieces, you’ll find both vintage and modern style pieces, as well as a combination of the two. For modern style fans, the J Devlin NTL 189-1 Fall Colored Amber Fused Glass Gold Brown Orange Tree Night Light makes for a beautiful, aesthetic addition to any sleek or minimalistic styled room. This fused glass night light is comprised of a clear glass panel with autumn colored stained glass chips permanently fused on top in a kiln to create an autumn aspen forest scene. The kiln fusing method softens the edges and makes for an elegant and sleek look as well as adding an extra dimension to the piece. As with all of our unique wall accent pieces, this fused glass night light also comes with its 4-watt bulb, so it’s ready to use as soon as it arrives.

For those in search of a more unique, vintage look, styles like our J Devlin NTL 125-2 Purple Butterfly Stained Glass Night Light make for an elegant one-of-a-kind accent to any traditional home. The J Devlin NTL 125-2 Purple Butterfly Stained Glass Night Light is a lovely square piece featuring an inner clear iridescent glass panel with a rich purple stained glass frame and a metal bead trim. The inner iridescent panel features a gorgeous etched butterfly design as well that looks stunning when the light catches it just right.

With several different styles and designs, our collection of stained glass night lights has plenty to offer. Whether you’re an old soul or a modern woman, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to brighten up your home amidst our selection of stunning art pieces. And as gift-giving seasons roll around, there’s no sweeter way to warm up someone’s home and heart than with a one of a kind, truly unique art piece that will shine nice and bright for them whenever they need it most.

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