Why Stained Glass Night Lights Are Perfect for Your Home

By now, you might have seen some stunning works of fused glass art that left you in awe. Stained glass night lights tend to have that effect on people after the first glance. These impressive little works of art are incredibly beautiful and provide great value to the home. We have a fairly robust selection of handcrafted stained glass designs here at J Devlin Glass Art, so you know we are passionate about this form of artistry. We work carefully and closely with craftsmen to create the most perfect, high-quality stained glass projects for our customers to invite into their homes, and we would love to discuss what makes them so remarkable. Let's try to get a better look at these lights and show you why we adore them so much.

Not Just for Kids

Over time, many of us have developed the idea that night lights are mainly intended for children to use. Through film and television, we have gotten used to the image of a parent buying their child a little night light to help them sleep at night and manage their fear of the dark. While this is certainly a great reason for purchasing a night light, it is not the only one. Children are not the only ones who should or do use night lights. It is a popular home accessory for people of all ages to enjoy and appreciate seeing on a daily basis. It is not just there to scare off the things that go bump in the night, but to decorate the home and create an effect that influences the way you feel at home in the later hours. In reality, night lights can be an elegant, mature element of home decor that also serves a purpose or multiple purposes depending on your intentions behind purchasing your own. Decorate your home as you like, and if that involves beautiful stained glass night lights, then we can't blame you. Night lights aren't just for kids, they're for anyone and everyone who enjoys what these small decorations have to offer. So if you had any reservations about picking out night lights for yourself as an adult, you can just set those aside and carry on with what you want for yourself and your home. Just to drive the point home, let’s really take a look at night lights, stained glass ones in particular, and discuss some of the main benefits of owning them as a mature adult.

Decorate Your Home

Home decorating can be a little foreign to some of us who want our homes to look nice but just aren't sure of where to begin or how to make it happen. Not everyone is born with a knack for interior design, so that leaves the average person to wonder how to beautify the home tastefully without going overboard. An easy way to play around with home decor is to look for smaller design elements and introduce them to the home over time so that you are not overwhelmed by a sudden influx in decor that you may not fully enjoy when they are all in your home at the same time. Pick up a few decorative pieces here and there to add to the overall charm and appearance of your home, without drawing too much attention immediately. Stained glass night lights are a great example of this sort of decoration. They are small and do not pull focus too much, but are still undeniably beautiful in their own right. The stained glass designs make them an elegant option for those looking for a subtle, but sophisticated home decor. It finds the right balance of being elegant, but not too formal and beautiful without being ostentatious. The fused glass designs make beautiful additions to any home. The variety in designs also makes it much easier for you to find the styles that suit your preferences and keep in line with how you want your home to look. You could look for floral designs with a very refined style or you could opt for something much more bright and playful like designs with colorful birds or sea creatures. There is a great range for you to choose from, so you can easily find the ones that fit into your vision for your home.

Appreciate Works of Art

Something to love about stained glass night lights is the artistry that goes into their design and creation. Fused glass night lights are not just churned out on a factory line by machinery. They are carefully crafted by skillful artisans who have dedicated themselves to their passion. Each stained glass night light at J Devlin Glass Art is handcrafted by glass artists who carefully cut glass fragments and manipulate them into the desired design, before being fused together in that form inside a kiln. It is a detail-oriented process that requires imagination, experience, skill, and focus in order to achieve the product. Stained glass night lights are a beautiful example of craftsmanship, with creative and technical skills coming together harmoniously to create something amazing. We just adore these works of art and appreciate them, especially knowing how much goes into creating each one. Anyone who appreciates art and loves to adorn their home with artwork would want to consider stained glass night lights as an option. These are functioning works of art that serve a purpose, while still displaying a beautiful design for you to admire. If you are a lover of art and appreciate fine craftsmanship, you will definitely want to consider having fused glass night lights around the home to enjoy. It is an easy, affordable, and space-saving way to display art in your home.

Create Ambiance

When you are relaxing and settling down after a long day, you want your home to be an escape from it all. It is the shelter that you rely on to keep you safe and provide you with comfort away from all the stress of the world outside. You can go home, kick off your shoes, and give yourself a chance to sit down and enjoy the space you've created for yourself. It is so important to make your home as comforting and soothing as possible, so you know that you will feel at ease being able to return home to a place you love. Creating a calming atmosphere in your home is much easier than it might sound. And of course, night lights can play a role in that. Night lights can help to set a mood and create ambiance in the space with its soft glow. It is perfect for evenings indoors when you want to curl up on the couch and relax. Let the night light become your main source of lighting in that room and enjoy the subtle glow as you spend time alone or with family. The light it emits is not as overbearing as overhead lighting, but it is enough to make the space easier to see in, so you can relax your eyes with it on. The soft light effect is perfect for unwinding and creating a soothing environment for you to relax in. For a full experience, you can enjoy some other details like playing your favorite music or playing something on television that you know will help you relax. Stained glass night lights can be a great part of that experience.

Guide Your Way Through the Dark

While stained glass night lights are beautiful and can help support your mood, they also serve more practical purposes as well. Night lights are great to have around various parts of the house in the evenings. They provide you with a good amount of light to give you visibility, without bothering your eyes after they have already adjusted to the dark. This is exactly the sort of thing you want to have in your home for those late light bathroom visits or trips to the kitchen. You do not have to flip the light switch and bother your eyes or wander around your home in the dark. Soft lighting from night light fixtures helps you to find your way through your home easily when you place them right where you need them. They are not just for bedrooms but can be beneficial in other parts of the house as well such as hallways, the living room, or even the bathroom. If you know that you or anyone else in your home is prone to late-night trips out of their rooms, it might be wise to have night lights out and on to make everyone feel more comfortable navigating the house at night.

Help You Sleep Peacefully

For those struggling with sleeping soundly through the night and getting to sleep in the first place, night lights can be a great tool. They can be used to help guide you to sleep by reducing the amount of bright light you are exposed to before bed. Too much light can affect the way that your body begins to relax and settle into rest because it makes the body feel like it is still not time to sleep. Gradually reducing that light can help your body prepare for a full rest. At the end of the day, you can turn off the room lights and turn on your fused glass night light to make the transition into sleep that much smoother. Instead of using the overhead lighting after it gets dark, you can use your night lights to provide enough visibility without becoming overbearing. After that, you can allow yourself to fall asleep with it on, or click it off just when you think it's enough. But that period of softer lighting can make a difference.

Fight Off Fears of the Dark

This is a great point that we want to highlight because there seems to be the misunderstanding that adults can't be afraid of the dark. Many seem to associate that with children when it is often something that follows us into adulthood, and that is perfectly normal. Even if it is just a little bit of jumpiness or discomfort being in a dark room alone, many adults deal with a fear of the dark. There is no shame in that whatsoever and we would not want you to feel embarrassed about something that is so common. With that fear, you have to learn some ways to get around it so that you are not kept up at night. Having night lights going can help you to sleep more peacefully since the room is dark, but still light enough to see through and provide you with a feeling of security.

Benefit the Whole Family

Even if you are the one purchasing a night light, your whole family benefits from its presence. Whether or not they want to admit it, they might be grateful that you bought one. For any of the reasons above or some we did not mention, your spouse, children, etc might be glad that you have night lights at home to make the rooms and hallways a little less obscured by darkness. This is something for the whole family to take advantage of. Whether they are walking to the bathroom at night or taking a quick nap in the living room, they are benefitted from those little night lights being there. Even if you are considering purchasing some for yourself, you might want to consider who else would be benefiting from them.

Stained glass night lights are beautiful, practical, comforting fixtures to have in the home. They serve a variety of purposes for the whole family and can do a great job of making you feel happier with your home decor. We would highly recommend you give it some thought and consider how fused glass night lights could find a place in your home. You might even be able to enjoy other aspects of owning night lights that we did not mention here. Take a look at some of the fused glass art night lights we have here at J Devlin Glass Art and give it some thought. This could be just the thing your home has been missing to add ambiance and design to the space.  

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