12 Great Reasons to Buy a Jewelry Box for That Special Someone

A jewelry box is more than just a piece of art. It is also a functional ornament that can add a lot of value to a person’s life. It can serve as a delicate and beautiful repository for keepsakes and other highly cherished mementos, keeping them safe and organized. It can serve as a reminder of an important event or a milestone or a hallmark. They can be personalized, inscribed, and otherwise customized in a wide range of manners

But we must not forget that they are also works of art - especially those that we produce and sell here at J Devlin Glass Art. From the quality of our materials to the novelty of our designs through the steadfastness of our processes, there is a reason we call it glass art.

If you were looking for some good reasons to buy a jewelry box and either use it yourself or give it as a particularly memorable gift, consider them found. Here are some of the best ways you can make a jewelry box a unique, fitting statement that has a lot of uses in addition to its aesthetic value.

1.Provide a unique and beautiful storage space for jewelry

Obviously, the most central purpose of a jewelry box is for the storage or organization of jewelry. People buy jewelry boxes so that they, or the valued recipients, will have a unique and beautiful storage location for all of their most cherished jewelry.

If you or someone you know has a highly esteemed collection of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, broaches, costume jewelry and more, then at a certain point organization becomes a must and not merely suggestive. An inconvenient truth about most items of jewelry is that they are not only very valuable, both in a pecuniary and a sentimental sense, but they are also generally small and easy to lose.

A beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry box from J Devlin Glass Art will give you a safe place to store and arrange all of your most beloved articles of jewelry. They’ll be safe from loss, damage, and you’ll never be wondering where exactly you left anything. But this, as valuable as it is, is just one of the important features of our jewelry boxes.

2.A one-of-a-kind birthday gift

Birthdays are unique among some celebrations in that they come every year like clockwork. At a certain point, you might feel like you deserve a break from all of the mass-produced trinkets and gifts that are out there and want to give something really unique. Something that provides some of the value already mentioned here.

Buy a jewelry box from J Devlin Glass Art and your money will purchase more than just a beautiful piece of art in glass. You will purchase an item that will provide the recipient with a ton of value and can be placed in a location of esteem and honor, to serve as an icon of the scenery as much as it serves as a tool.

The best part about giving a jewelry box as a birthday gift is that you can actually personalize our jewelry boxes here at J Devlin Glass Art. Many of our items can be customized with pictures, inscribed with messages or quotes, as well as in a variety of different ways. That is, if you can’t find the ideal birthday gift, we can help you craft it!

3.Use them as a blank slate or creative canvas for your artistic inspiration

Because our jewelry boxes can be customized in a nearly endless array of fashions, you can use our jewelry boxes as creative, blank slates to express yourself or to improve upon the scenery of your home’s interior design.

Forgot for a moment that our jewelry boxes are works of art in their own right - difficult, we know - but attempt it. Now, consider how creative you can get with a jewelry box. You can use our designs to create still-life arrangements in your home to fascinate and intrigue your guests, particularly if the setting makes artful use of other glass fixtures.

You can also use our jewelry boxes as display boxes for curios or other items of interest. Create a miniature scene or a display of collectibles using one of our jewelry boxes and you will be amazed by the effect. Display or house paper art within one; create a seascape of littoral knick-knacks in another. Your creativity is the only thing that limits your ability.

4.Memorialize special personal moments

Not all special moments can be succinctly described out of a collection of standards. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, births, religious milestones and other events are important to many of us, and we hold these things dear. But every life is unutterably unique, and the special moments that touch each of us touch us differently.

Celebrate special events that are unique to the individual with the heartfelt touch of a personalized jewelry box. Personal achievements range from summiting mountains to publishing books to winning unique awards that have been the focus of admiration for years or even decades.

Make these moments special with a personalized jewelry box and immortalize them in art that will never fade or age.

5.Commemorate religious milestones and add a personal touch

For many people, the most significant events in life revolve around religious milestones. No doubt, some of our earliest and most powerful memories revolve around communion and religious education. These events hold a deep significance in life and memory that really cannot be conveyed, only experienced.

However, despite the fact that the personal importance of these events defies communication, it can still be honored, especially with the presentation of a thoughtful, personalized gift. Many of the jewelry boxes here on our website are specifically intended to be given as gifts for baptism, communion, confirmation, and other personal religious milestones.

While the importance of these events might not take hold on the individual until later stages of maturity, the feelings they leave are eternal, just like a J Devlin Glass Art jewelry box that has been cared for properly. Make an offering in such a fashion at one of these celebrations and the gift will only increase in personal significance over time.

6.Never lose the keys again!

Another interesting use of a jewelry box is not as a jewelry box at all, and this unique use will put it front and center for visitors to see and admire. It all has to do with keys and other personal effects.

Do you know someone, or are you someone yourself, who is in the frequent and unfortunate habit of misplacing your most important items, only to go scrambling for them when you need them most? For example, do your keys, wallet or phone seem to defy you right when you are about to head out the door?

If that happens to you, you aren’t alone, and there are things you can do about it. A unique valet tray or even a jewelry box can be used to great effect to solve this issue. Simply get in the habit of placing your keys or wallet or other important items in the jewelry box in the same location daily and sooner or later it’ll be second nature. You don’t need to buy a jewelry box simply for jewelry storage. They are much more valuable than that!

7.Organize other mementos and trinkets

Do you need a storage box for all of your little mementos, trinkets and other items of fascination? Perhaps you know someone else in need of such a touch. Everyone has these collections. Some of us keep them in junk drawers. Of course, there are much classier ways to keep your sundry items organized, and one of them is with a jewelry box.

With a large jewelry case or even a jewelry tray you can keep all of those little knick-knacks nicely arranged instead of haphazardly offloading them into some drawer or other. Need a pair of scissors? Always short a pen? Perhaps a pad of paper or some odd ruler to take some quick measurements? They’re all denizens of the ubiquitous junk drawer, but there a jewelry box or a display box is a much nicer way to keep them close at hand.

They’re not just for earrings, bracelets, rings and other personal decorations - you can use them for uncommon style in storage.

8.The ideal holiday gift

You can also personalize our jewelry boxes with a message or an inscription to make a personalized offering at a holiday of your choosing. Whether your loved ones are partial to Christmas, the New Year, Easter or some other blessed moment throughout the rest of the year, we make it easy to provide a personal touch with a completely one-of-a-kind gift.

Just take a look through our collection and you’ll see how easy it is to personalize our gifts with special messages or decorations. Since they’re also available in a wide range of colors, you can even customize the offering to the time of year or the holiday in question!

9.Show off love letters or wedding invitations

We’ve made the point that jewelry boxes don’t need to be reserved for keeping your jewelry organized. While they are ideal for that purpose, we encourage creativity - it’s how we developed our catalog in the first place. Our jewelry boxes, and some of our display boxes, are ideal for showcasing cards, wedding invitations, special pictures, Thank You cards and many other types of stationery or paper art.

They’re the perfect frames for these types of mementos, and you’ll be surprised just how nicely a beautiful stained glass box will compliment such curios - or perhaps you won’t and you’ve already been inspired to try it!

10.Looking for a special anniversary gift?

In our collection of jewelry boxes, you’re going to come across a number of items that have been specially designed as offerings for anniversaries. Many of these are more than just customizable and have been laid out with dates, names and other decorations that make them fitting as anniversary gifts.

Each anniversary that passes is a moment to celebrate the triumph of love over all of the adversity the world can muster against it. We believe that merits a special gift, each and every year. There are no “mundane” anniversaries, and we provide no mundane gifts.

If you’re looking for a truly special way to celebrate the love of a special couple, a personalized jewelry box, handmade just for the occasion, might be just the way to do it.

11.Make a memory immortal

There’s another really unique way that you can make a special gift of our glass jewelry boxes. You can personalize them with more than words and dates. You can personalize them with special photos.

Like we have observed, any individual life is full of dear memories that hold special significance to the person in question. Now you can take some of those special memories - at least the ones captured on film - and immortalize them in some of the designs of our glass jewelry boxes.

12.Finally - they’re truly unique - especially from J Devlin Glass Art!

If you need one more good reason to buy a jewelry box and give it as a gift, or just keep it for yourself, it’s this. Each and every item in our collection is one of a kind in nearly every way.

Yes, we create and then produce items in a certain line, but each and every one of our products is handcrafted by skilled artisans and they will all vary slightly. That is, they will bear the marks of their makers, and no two are truly identical.

We also use Tiffany method stained glass that will never fade or noticeably age, along with lead-free solder ornamentation. Many of our items can be personalized in any of the manners mentioned here, but there are other options we offer for customization as well.

If you’re reading this and noticing that you’re tired of giving more of the same old gifts, especially on occasions that should be honored with something better, then it just might be time to make a gift of a jewelry box from J Devlin Glass Art.

They can be used in as many ways as the imagination will admit, and can be personalized in nearly as many. Take some time to get familiar with our designs, and if you want to learn more about how you can customize our gifts, make sure you reach out to us at 844-772-2145. We’d be thrilled to get you on your way to a truly special gift for that special someone in your life. 

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