5 of Our Most Stunning Photo Frames for Sale

5 of Our Most Stunning Photo Frames for Sale

There is no secret that picture frames have a unique emotion-evoking quality that other products just cannot replicate. When these objects are made of the finest materials, they can properly and clearly display classic mementos in your home or office for you to admire for years to come.

However, it can be difficult to sift through the multitude of photo frames for sale in this day and age. There are so many features that you need to consider before making that final purchase: material, size, orientation, color, script (or none), etc. You also need to figure out if you’d like something that holds only one picture or an option that comes in a cluster of frames.

If you are looking for photo frames with options made of the finest materials, then you have come to the right place. At J Devlin, we proudly create the most stunning photo frames to perfectly encapsulate and display precious moments. We take this a step further: our photo frames are all made with beautiful glass and other materials that allow the frames to last for an exceptionally long period of time.

Not only that, but all of our photo frames for sale have been meticulously and expertly crafted by skilled artisans who use a copper foil and solder technique that dates back to the late 1800s.

In order to find the best photo frame for you (or as a gift for your loved one), let’s explore our top five photo frames for sale.

1.Clear Embossed Vintage Photo Frame

Are you on the lookout for a picture frame that offers a vintage texture and overall look? Then you should consider our Clear Embossed Vintage photo frame. This frame identifies with those who admire vintage and antique styles, as it has an embossed glass texture that is a classic feature of pressed glass windows from the early 1900s.

With clear embossed glass sides paired with waxed and antiqued solder made of charcoal patina, you will be guaranteed stability and style with this long-lasting frame.

Your personalization options are all that they can be, as usual with us. You can choose from a wide range of photo sizes and either vertical or horizontal orientations. If you would prefer more than one photo frame, you could opt for the double-vertical hinged frame, too.

2.Vintage Stained Glass Photo Frame

There is something truly unique about stained glass. With this Vintage Stained Glass photo frame, we made sure to utilize the special qualities of stained glass along with embossed vintage textured glass.

The combination of stained glass and embossed glass is one of extreme merit and quality. One provides a unique texture with clear glass, yet the other offers a splash of color and depth. On the outer edge of the frame, there is embossed glass, while the glass closest to the actual photo is a thin frame of stained glass of sage green, pale amber, and pink rose.

This beautiful frame can be easily displayed in nearly any household or office, as it is clean yet colorful and classic. It also allows you to choose from several photo size options while also allowing you to choose the proper orientation for you.

3.Tabletop Clear Glass Photo Frame

Are you looking for something a bit more modern and simplistic? Then you should consider our Tabletop Clear Glass photo frame. This frame provides a unique “barely there” look in order to better illuminate your photo. After all, it’s more about the photo than the frame.

The triangular sides on this frame along with the metal trim and solder provide optimal stability, making you feel the most comfort and trust when displaying it. The outer edge of the frame is trimmed with small and uniform spheres that perfectly accentuate the entire frame without being too gaudy.

This photo frame is perfect for a home that has a more modern style, but can also be easily displayed nearly anywhere! Like all of our frames, you can also choose the perfect photo size and the orientation to match your requirements.

4.Green & Yellow Antique Stained Glass Photo Frame

Once again, the memorable stained glass technique has landed itself on our list. Our Green and Yellow Antique Stained Glass frame is truly one that deserves recognition because it is an admirable combination of color, antique, and modernism.

The yellow and green stained glass provides a noticeable yet subtle hint of color throughout the frame. The green is perfectly poised where the photo’s corners are while the yellow is around the straight sides of the picture. There are also filigree corner pieces to perfectly adorn the photo’s corners and provide texture to the entire frame.

The frame altogether is thin and has a sturdy mount board to both keep your photo in place and the frame from falling down. The stunning frame can perfectly decorate any desk, table, home, or office.

5.Vintage Stained Glass Multiple Picture Frame

If you feel as if a single frame is just not enough, then you should seriously consider our Multiple Picture Frame option. This frame is hinged with either two or even three 2x3 photo frames-- the choice is yours.

Whether you opt for the double or tri-fold hinged tabletop frame, you will not be disappointed. Either option comes with a vintage glass look, but also has stained glass. The light pink stained glass portion of the frame hugs closely to the photo while the antique glass encompasses it. The combination is elegant and overall aesthetically pleasing.

This is an excellent gift for those wishing to display several photos of children or grandchildren, but would also bode well for nearly anyone with photos to humbly show off.

Have you discovered the perfect frame for you amongst our top five photo frames for sale ? If you haven’t yet, feel free to browse all of our glass photo frames to find the best one for you or your loved one. Give us a call at  844-772-2145 if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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