A Cut Above: Make Your Valentine’s Day Gift Go From Nice to Exceptional

A Cut Above: Make Your Valentine’s Day Gift Go From Nice to Exceptional

Valentine’s Day is a time for the expression of deep love to those closest to you. Be it a spouse, mother, child, or best friend, Valentine’s Day reminds us to “stop and smell the roses” and express our love to those closest to us through voice or a special gift. 

A gift this special shouldn’t be taken lightly! It should be something classy, yet personal, and most of all, beautiful.

J. Devlin carries a wide selection of treasures that epitomizes the special Valentine’s Day gift you are searching for. Textured and stained glass adds a certain depth and sophistication to any gift, and our full line of J. Devlin glass gifts provide a variety to choose from so you can select that special one to make a statement to your loved one. 

Don’t forget that the presentation of a Valentine’s Day gift oftentimes makes an even bigger statement than the gift itself! How do you go from a nice Valentine’s Day gift to one she’ll remember and treasure for years to come?

Women and jewelry go together like milk and cookies. A unique glass jewelry box to store her rings and bracelets in might be just what she needs! For added surprise and sweetness, fill it with pastel colored message candy hearts. Or add chocolate Hershey’s Kisses wrapped in shiny colorful foil to make it a unique box of chocolates! We suggest J. Devlin’s heart-shaped glass boxes for a Valentine’s Day gift she’ll never forget, such as Box 520-3 or Box 778.

J. Devlin Box 778 is a Valentine's Day gift that shows your true heart.

For the ultimate “girlie girl,” try J. Devlin’s purse shaped glass jewelry box (Box 515) and fill it with chocolate coins covered in gold or silver foil. Or if you’re planning on popping the big question on Valentine’s Day, hide the ring in the bottom!

A Valentine's Day gift idea: insert a love-themed free printable into this glass photo frame!

J. Devlin’s textured clear glass photo frames with dangling heart charm (Pic 278 series) are lovely, and when you insert a love-themed graphic you have a whole new Valentine’s Day gift! Pinterest has a great selection of free love-themed printables—just print, trim, and frame!

Love Coasters for Valentine's Day Gift

Another Valentine’s Day gift idea is your favorite bottle of wine accompanied by this glass love coaster set (Tra 110-10). The wine might not last long, but the coasters can be used over and over!

Vase for Valentine's Day Roses

Does she love the traditional Valentine’s Day gift of fresh red roses? That’s great too! But don’t just present them wrapped in tissue paper! Insert them in these vintage style textured glass vases (Vas 002 set) for upmost elegance and refill them every year.

While these glass gifts are beautiful all on their own, a little creativity in their presentation will make them an extraordinary Valentine’s Day gift that will be remembered for many years to come.

View more Valentine’s Day gifts in our online gift store such as heart-shaped night lights, hanging glass heart ornaments, jewelry displays, mirrored and glass trays, and more.

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