Beautiful Stained Glass Night Lights Are Here

A night light doesn’t just serve a noble purpose. It is also a way to extend your senses of taste and fashion into your domicile. Yes, a night light is going to help prevents accidents in the dead of night and make it easier for you and visitors to navigate your abode. But just because a night light serves an admirable function doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of that glorious opportunity to make it an esteemed work of art in the process. You can find a night light at just about any store out there, or you can pick one out one of our beautiful stained glass night lights and make it a decorative addition to any hallway or room in your house.

Take a look at the many beautiful stained glass night lights we offer right here in our shop that mix traditional and novel elements beautifully. As always, we put a new twist on yesterday in our presentations and offer you styles that will please any taste.

If you just want to put a touch of cuteness into a night light to make a match for a room in your house, take a look at our Heart Night Light Clear and Multi Colored Fused Glass. Fairly simple yet elegantly complex, this design is unassuming enough almost not to be noticed for its design and yields a soft gentle glow. But when the time is taken to actually notice it, it’s a gentle reminder of the love of the home in a touching little package. It’s not so unlike our Multi Colored Fused Glass Chips Night Light, which, though it lacks a recognizable image, is gentle and soft. They give very much the same sense of appeal to a living space.

ifferent people have different tastes, however, and that’s quite alright. Maybe someone in your household has an appreciation for the great outdoors and you would like to hide a touch of that sense into your decor. Our Deer Night Light says just that. It’s quite simple and not overbearing. If you have a cabin or a lake house or a lodge theme at work in your home, it would be just the ticket. We also offer two beautiful tree-themed night lights to celebrate the beauty of the outdoors. Our Tree Night Light Fall Colored Amber Fused Glass and our Tree Night Light Fused Glass in green and white are more complex in their charm. On one level, just frosted glass and chips of stained glass, and on another, deeper level the very likeness of a gentle autumn birch grove. It’s a beautiful and gentle testament to the influence the beauty of the wild has on the sanctity of the home.

Perhaps you or a friend has a home by the sea? It’s fairly common to set up shore homes with effusive themes of maritime motifs. In that case, our Blue Tropical Fish Night Light would make an excellent gift. It gives a little tropical color to a space that might need it, and if there’s a coastal theme afoot, it would make a nice little icing on that cake.

Maybe you’d like to see some stained glass night lights on the wall that were sophisticated and complex. Well then, we bring plenty to that arena as well. Our Night Light Purple Blue Amber Ripple Multi Colored Accent has many angles to its character. Is it sunset on the sea? Or is it the glow of the twilight through the northern dusk? Whatever you see in it, one thing is for certain. It has a pleasant, gentle warmth about it that will suffuse the room in which it is placed.

Our Flower Wire Night Light Purple Blue Amber Multi Colored Stained night light brings a similar color palette to any room. Warm, gentle, with a complex mixture of hues, it’s a fascinating little piece that will bring comforting light to any space while adding a bit of artistic character as well.

Looking for a more modern aesthetic? Take a look at our Night Light Mission Style Vintage Purple Sage Green Clear White night light or our Multi Color Night Light with purple, green, aquamarine and burgundy. They both offer a curious blend of modern look and traditional styling, very much in the character of many of our pieces here at J Devlin Glass Art.

Much like all of our glass art, all of our stained glass night lights are the product of careful planning and design and then thoroughly and fastidiously handcrafted to bring you stylings such as these that can be imitated but never duplicated. And, as always, all orders that come from us here at J Devlin Glass Art are carefully packaged and ship free of charge. Take a look through our catalog of night lights and find one to add a little more color and depth to your current arrangement.

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