Best Occasions to Purchase Glass Picture Frames

Best Occasions to Purchase Glass Picture Frames

Before we get into things, let’s take a moment to consider what makes a picture frame so useful and valuable in our lives. It is so commonplace in homes and offices and can be given as a gift so easily for good reason. This might be a good place to start since it gives us the chance to get into glass picture frames themselves and what makes them valuable as objects.

These are such simple items, but they can have a great hold on us regardless. The true value of a picture frame is not really in the design and construction of the item itself, despite the impressive quality and craftsmanship that some show. The way that glass picture frames show their true worth is in their collaboration with the photos they are meant to hold. This is where picture frames are put to good use and fully appreciated.

With a high-quality picture frame, you can enclose and protect a photograph for years, even decades, allowing you to hold on to that image for a long time. A picture frame is also unique compared to, say, a photo album or a photo box which are also intended to protect and store your photos for a long time.

This is because a picture frame is meant to be put on display and enjoyed on a daily basis. It is not something that you are really encouraged to put away into a drawer to only look at on occasion when you are feeling particularly sentimental. It is something you are supposed to see often and appreciate as you pass by.

It could go in your office, living room, bedroom, etc. It is just meant to be out in the open where it can be seen often. Combined with a beautiful design like our embossed or stained glass, a picture frame creates a lovely decorative element in a room that looks beautiful on its own while also allowing the photo within to shine. It is meant to complement the picture and create the perfect pair with it to become a set duo. You will keep those two pieces together for years to come.

Since the picture likely has much personal value to you, it makes sense that you would want the frame that goes with it to be held to a high standard as well. That is one reason why we are so committed to quality at J Devlin Glass Art.

We understand that many of our pieces will be presented as gifts or held on to for sentimental reasons and we want to make sure that our glass picture frames and other forms of glass art can reach that high standard. We are honored that our art has been a part of so many cherished moments in people's lives as gifts or personal purchases. People have picked out picture frames with us that have made the perfect gifts for special occasions, even just for themselves. Here are a few examples of occasions when our customers purchase glass picture frames for themselves or others and why their choices were so spot-on.


Weddings & Anniversaries
Weddings and anniversaries are special dates filled with sentiment for the couple, and thus lend themselves well to photographs that remind them of their time spent together.

You can pick out glass picture frames that were designed to commemorate a wedding or anniversary and place photos inside from either the wedding day or one of the anniversaries past already. It can be really nice to have at home and it makes a great gift for a couple far into their marriage.

Rites of Passage
There are so many special events and milestones in our lives that we really need to take the time to appreciate them. You might not always get it in the moment, but you can usually understand it better in time and after becoming a parent.

You see your kids growing up and experiencing so many things that you want to commemorate all those moments as much as you can. It could be religious rites, graduations, birthdays, Sweet 16 parties, or even smaller things like winning competitions or getting a driver’s license. It is good for you and your family to hold on to a piece of these memories for the sake of nostalgia and appreciating what you have. You can always look back at these pictures and enjoy remembering the events that passed for you or your family. The best way to do this could be to seal them in a protective picture frame and enjoy them right in the open where you can see your cherished memories always within reach.

Take a moment to look at some of the designs we have for picture frames we have at J Devlin Glass Art and see what we mean about the versatility this sort of item has for any occasion. It makes a beautiful gift and a lovely element of home decor, both because of the design and because of the sentimental value they have. We have all kinds of designs meant for any event and even offer personalized engravings in many so you can make the glass picture frames feel even more special and unique for either you or your loved ones.

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