Color Cubes: Easter Color Palette Inspiration

Color Cubes: Easter Color Palette Inspiration

Easter Color Cubes Inspired by Angel Ornaments

Angels inspire all, and they are also what inspired this month's Color Cubes palette. J. Devlin Glass Art has crafted these amazing angel ornaments to display wherever you need an extra punch of color and faith! In our Easter Color Cubes we pulled out the finest combination of warm colors that makes a perfect color combo for Easter decor ideas, fashion attire, or to freshen up the color palette in your home for spring. You can find our entire selection of glass angel ornaments in grape, dark rose, pale blue, amber, and clear in our online gift store. If these colors have inspired you and you would like to use them in one of your projects, you can find the color builds below.

Easter Color Cubes Color Builds:

  1. RGB (253, 212, 118) • HEX (#FDD476)
  2. RGB (254, 238, 165) • HEX (#FEEEA5)
  3. RGB (134, 136, 67) • HEX (#868843)
  4. RGB (76, 102, 65) • HEX (#4C6641)

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