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There are so many ways to honor a life lived in the faith and made exemplary by its reverence. When you’re looking to bequeath a special token to a woman near and dear to you, you’re probably flooded with admiration for all of the traits that they espouse - humility, patience, forbearance, kindness, integrity, and far too many more to enshrine in a humble list. Even though the goodness bestowed on life by adherence to faith and righteous conduct defy literal definition, it doesn’t take away any of your admiration or desire to commend it with a meaningful, lasting tribute.

Well, there are a lot of ways you can go, but we here at J Devlin Glass Art have made it our mission to provide you with beautiful glass gifts that are a testament to such things. Patiently designed, carefully handcrafted, and exhibited traits of decorous workmanship, our glass art is like no other. We believe that a gift given in honor and admiration should offer nothing but the best in style and integrity, and so we put the greatest care and devotion into our religious gifts for women. You will find among our catalog not only gifts for special occasions but personalized religious gifts and religious gifts that can make a special token no matter what the time of year or the occasion.

Each and every single one of our religious gifts for women showcases this care and dedication to quality and craftsmanship. It might not be possible to replicate divine beauty, but we offer you beautiful glass religious gifts of the most spectacular earthly beauty. So when you want to find religious gifts for women that will inspire and be admired, you can find them right here at J Devlin Glass Art. We offer not only religious gifts for any occasion but religious gifts for specific occasions and milestones as well. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Gifts For Baptism
Baptism is one of the most sacred rites - the passage of a blessed newborn into the church and faith. It casts off sin and sheds light on a new life. It is the first passage into a life lived humbly, strayed neither to the right hand or to the left, and adored gracefully. There are few other rites so bound with significance for families as this, and we understand that. That’s one of the reasons why some of our product lines are devoted to celebrating and memorializing the baptisms in our lives and our friend’s lives.

Take a look at our Baptism Personalized 4x6 Horizontal Picture Frame, one of our exquisite gifts intended specifically to be gifted as a token in memory and celebration of baptism. Inscribed with the words “God Bless” and the name of the devoted, along with the date, this is an ideal gift to give to the parents, or to be kept for the child, to immortalize the memory of one of the most important dates. Ungarishly decorated with our solder scrollwork and patterned glass, it is a simple yet beautiful reminder of one of the most significant days in life. Our Baptized in Christ Personalized 4x6 Horizontal Picture Frame is another great picture frame gift to give for such a momentous occasion. Featuring the name of the child and the date along with an inscription of “Baptized in Christ” it’s another charming example of our wonderful gifts for baptism.

We also offer gift boxes to commemorate the special occasion of baptism. Consider our Baptism Personalized Keepsake Box which is available in multiple colors. It’s a wonderful little keepsake featuring a cross and “Baptized” inscribed on its face, and with alluringly rippled glass flanking its sides. It can be personalized with the name of the child and the date of the baptism and is intended to be a lifelong reminder of the significance of the special day. Make a special gift of this box or one of our other baptism keepsake boxes to the parents or the child and know that the gift will be a lifelong honor to the lucky recipient.

Gifts For First Holy Communions
As filled with emotion for the family and as important as baptism is, First Holy Communion is perhaps the first time in which the child is a willing participant in the church. It is the first time that the child will choose to become a part of the church and make a lifelong commitment to faith. Right here at J Devlin Glass Art, you will find gifts for First Holy Communicants that are every bit as charged with adoration and splendor as our gifts for Baptism, and, like our gifts for Baptism, many of them can be personalized.

Take a look at our First Holy Communion Personalized 4x6 Horizontal Picture Frame in green and yellow. It’s much more colorful than our previously explored option for Baptism, featuring panels of green and yellow along with other warm tones and clear glass. It’s so warm and inviting that it just can’t be missed when it’s placed in a position of regard and honor. Any living space, office or bedroom would find itself greatly improved with the addition of a fixture like this. Inscribed with “First Holy Communion” across the top left pane, this frame also can be personalized with a name and date.

If you’d like to give even more personal flavor to a religious gift intended to be given in memory of a First Holy Communion, consider our Religious Sponsor Gift Personalized Picture Frame. Handsomely framed by textured panels to play the light and grab attention, this gift can be inscribed with up to two lines of your choosing. Consider the message you want to send to a special young lady on her First Holy Communion, and do it with a gift like this.

If you were attracted to some of our gift boxes, take a look at our EB218-5 Box 631. This gift box can be inscribed with up to six lines, perfect for filling out a personal message or making a lasting reminder of a favorite biblical verse. Lend a really personal touch with your own message and give a First Communion gift that will be held dear for life.

Gifts For Confirmation
As with our gifts for Baptism and First Communion, we offer equally exquisite gifts for Confirmation. Confirmation brings a congregant into the fold of the church, and is, like the other sacraments, to be celebrated and immortalized in memory. We offer special and personalized gifts for Confirmation right here as well.

Check out our Personalized Confirmation Picture Frame in a 4x6 vertical format. Alternating, pleasantly arranged panes of clear, stained and textured glass accent the image of the honored confirmed. Each panel is couched in solder to give it something of a vintage or a reverent look, in line with our attempt to put “a new twist on yesterday.” Bearing the inscription “Confirmation” along with the name and date, this gift can be given with the same pride as our other religious gifts for women.

We offer gift boxes to memorialize confirmation as well, such as our Confirmation Rosary Personalized Keepsake Glass Box which is available in assorted colors. Get one in purple for the special lady being welcomed into the church. Wondrously decorated with a frosted cross on the surface and the inscription “Confirmation,” it can be personalized with the special name and date. Our purple version features dappled side panels to cavort with the light, but our clear model offers an interesting mix of squared ripples that give a droplike pattern to the light.

Gifts For Weddings Too
How could we forget to include specialized religious gifts for weddings in our catalog of gifts honoring the sacraments? Weddings celebrate love, devotion, support and many other features that faith inspires in life. Weddings are wonderful, momentous occasions where two people come together in love to form one unit, and we offer beautiful religious gifts to grace those celebrating weddings with the honor they deserve. From simple, unadorned frames that place the emphasis on those contained in the image displayed to ornately decorated wedding invitation boxes, we have a little something for any taste in celebration.

One of our more humble offerings is our From This Day Forward Personalized Wedding Frame 5x7 vertical frame. A simple single clear glass panel supports the image of the happy couple. Outlined only with unassuming solder and inscribed with the names of the husband and wife as well as the date, all of the import in this offering is in the picture. Take your favorite picture from the occasion and make a gift of it to the bride or to the special couple. Part of its beauty lies in the simplicity of its unembellished design that leaves all the emphasis on the photo, as though it is floating of its own accord. It would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift to a bride.

For a more decorous offering, look at our Personalized Wedding Card Box Engraved Glass Wedding Card Holder Reception Keepsake Display. It’s one of the most ornate offerings we have here at J Devlin Glass Art, a beautiful symphony of clear and iridescent glass and textured panels outlined gracefully with our solder accents. Engraved with the name of the special couple and the date and location of the event, it can be used as a thoughtful gift for the occasion that can be kept and displayed long after as a warm memento.

Other Religious Gifts For Women
Religious gifts for women don’t have to be tied to a specific event, however, and we offer so many keepsakes and mementos you can give for any reason at any time of year as a token of appreciation. As with our glass art that celebrates momentous occasions in life, our ornaments and religious gifts are examples of the finest workmanship and detail.

Take a look at our line of religious ornaments featuring a range of motifs, many of which can be personalized like our other gifts. A gift like our Angel Ornament with clear iridescent stained glass would make a great gift to a special woman at any time of year. This ornament can be hung with pride just as readily on a Christmas tree as in a window to give light to the world. It’s a pretty and simple reminder of the greater powers and love at watch over the world.

Another beautiful example of our religious gifts is our Cross Ornament Sun Catcher, with iridescent beveled panes. Give it as a token of appreciation where it can be hung in a well-lit place to scatter light throughout. It's fairly simple in design but its effect on the light is momentous and unforgettable.

One of these or any of our other religious ornaments could be given at Christmastime or Easter as yearlong reminders of the things that matter most. Our Mosaic Stained Glass Ornament is another wonderful example of this. Though not a suncatcher, it can still be hung on a tree, on the wall or in a window as a piece of decor.

The perfect addition to a display, a gift like this might just be the perfect accessory or accent to a setting in need of a little color.

Whether you’re drawn to or inspired by one of these or some of our other religious gifts, you can be sure that whatever you find here at J Devlin Glass Art was created with the most exceptional regard for fineness and quality in mind. Every piece of glass art you will find on our site has been carefully handcrafted, waxed to preserve its luster, and shipped in protective packaging to ensure safe arrival at its final destination. Not to mention, everything on our site ships free as well.

See something you like but have questions? Don’t be afraid to give us a call at 844-772-2145. We’d love to hear from you and are more than glad to answer any questions and help you settle on the perfect gift for that special someone.

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