Five Creative Uses for Our Jewelry Boxes for Sale

The search for high-quality gifts that can become heirlooms that will be proudly passed down from generation to generation can take you high and low. Today, far too many consumer goods are produced as cheaply as possible, with the intent of maximizing a profit. It looks like more and more producers are more interested in the fatness of their margins as they are in the repute and quality of their products. It's as though there is a diminishing nook in the world where craftsmen can take shelter.

That may be increasingly becoming the way of the world, but it isn’t how we think here at J Devlin Glass Art, and it never will be. We place quality, originality, and aesthetics on an untouchable pedestal, and you can see the fruits of those seeds in everything that we offer for sale here on our website.

We put the same care and attention into the creation of our many fine jewelry boxes for sale as we put into everything else that we create, and we’re confident that you will find in them both beauty and an inspiration for a great gift. Take a look through our collection via the link above and keep some of these creative uses for our jewelry boxes in mind while you’re shopping!

Jewelry Storage - Display and Organize Jewelry

Of course, the most obvious and straightforward use of any of our lovely jewelry boxes is for that purpose; as a jewelry box. If you are giving one as a gift to someone who has a diverse and noteworthy collection of jewelry, then it will make a fine offering for such a fitting purpose. Just the same, you could pick one up for yourself and use it to keep your jewelry organized, arranged, and well cared for.

That’s another thing about the value of a jewelry box. They aren’t just great for storing and organizing jewelry. They also keep jewelry safe. On the first note, you can easily lose small pieces of jewelry if you keep them in a variety of different locations without any real rhyme or reason. The other thing is that some jewelry is very fragile and very precious and can easily be damaged when care is not given to its storage.

Or jewelry boxes can be used just as they are to make a safe and happy home for the finest pieces in your collection, or you can go a step further and add inserts and cushioning to their interiors so you can add another layer of protection to your crown jewels. We give you plenty of room to get creative with our collection as well. Maybe you simply want to display one of your most beloved pieces of jewelry in the open glass jewelry case so as not to rob it of any of its native allure, and that’s perfectly alright. By contrast, adding an insert or lining to the box will help to couch your dearest belongings all the more, whether they be necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings.

Display Letters and Keep Tabs on Recent Mail

Another inventive and creative use for our jewelry boxes for sale is to put them in a prominent location, such as on a desk or by the front door, and use them to stash or organize important mail as it comes in. For example, you can place one of our jewelry boxes by the front door, use it as a quick repository for the day’s mail, and then filter the important letters out of before segregating the incoming pieces as destined for attention or the recycling. By contrast, you can use it as a place to store only the mail that requires immediate attention. As you can see, with just a little bit of creativity you can do a whole lot with one of our jewelry boxes.

Another fairly creative use for our jewelry boxes, and one that would serve them fully admirably, would be to use them as a decorative display case for love letters. Sending and receiving love letters was once an esteemed element of courtship, and the modern era has not entirely effaced this wholesome tradition. Some couples still relish the practice, and for them, these love letters are some of the dearests of their possessions. You can give one of our jewelry boxes as a gift intended for such purposes, or to the kids of those who practiced this tradition with the intention that they could use it to display the love letters that were saved as relics from their ancestral generation.

Keep Your Keys Handy

Using one of our jewelry boxes as a temporary storage location for your daily and weekly mail isn’t the only great way to utilize one as an organizer. You can also use one of our jewelry boxes to keep yourself organized.

It’s a bit funny how things never seem to misplace themselves until the precise moment at which you need them. You might hang your hat on a peg every day only to find that it is not where it is supposed to be just as you walk out the door. Your sunglasses might be atop your head or hanging from your shirt, only to be conspicuously absent the very moment the sun breaks through the clouds.

The same thing can happen with your car keys or the keys to your home or apartment. For that reason, many people have a designated place for such things. Some people keep their keys on a lanyard. Other people hang all of their important keys and other effects on pegs that are conveniently located by the door. Ritual makes waste of confusion and lack of preparation because ritual is preparation in its own right.

That’s why our wonderful glass jewelry boxes make excellent gifts that can be used as a quick and easy place to stash your most important items like your keys so they will be right where you need them when you need them.

Keep your keys and other important effects like ID in one of our jewelry boxes by the door and they’ll always be right where you left them. They’ll also be right where you need them right when you’re heading out. Best of all, they’ll be couched in a beautiful frame that can’t be bested - but we’ll get to the creative and decorative allure of our jewelry boxes for sale a bit later on in this article.

Organize Trinkets

Something else you can do with one of our jewelry boxes is to use it as a catch-all organizer for all of the trinkets and effects you either need - or don’t need - on a daily basis. Some people have a little place where they store little objects they need on a daily basis, and yet other people have a junk drawer where they keep odds and ends that are occasionally needed but half of the time falls by the wayside and are forgotten.

One the one hand, a junk drawer is an eyesore, but on the other, you can transform a junk drawer into a beautiful display of eclectic paraphernalia that will take on artistic purpose in a way that you could have previously only dreamt of.

Of course, that is only one way to look at the situation. You can also use one of our jewelry boxes as a storage organizer for important little items that you need on the daily, like glasses or a watch or even keys as mentioned above. Also, as mentioned above, using one of our boxes for such a purpose will give you the added benefit of decorating the setting with an undeniable character. You can use a plain box case for such a purpose, or you can ornament the setting with an unforgettable selection from our collection.

Use One as a Decorative Fixture

Finally, and importantly, you can use one of our jewelry boxes solely for the artistic and decorative value that it will provide. Our boxes are so ornate and beautiful that they don’t necessarily need a functional purpose - their purpose can be solely aesthetic.

There are few other cases out there that can fill a similar office. Our jewelry boxes are entirely unique and original and will complement a setting like no other. It is an experience that you must see in order to fully grasp.

Because of the way we create our jewelry boxes, which we will detail in the next section, they are true displays that cannot be rivaled. Even in the absence of complementary ambient light, they are richly, lustrously hued and will add class and elegance to nearly any setting in which you place them. Forget the captivation of attention; they will command it.

Then, of course, the situation changes entirely with the addition of significant ambient light. Whether it’s an artificial light from an LED display or the beautiful natural light of the setting sun of a high, full moon, our glass boxes will light up a setting with reverence. The way they interact and play with the light around them must be experienced rather than described, but you can get more of a feeling for it from the following section wherein we will go into more detail on their construction.

Peerless Quality

Part of what makes these creative uses for our jewelry boxes for sale so fitting is the fact that we never diverge from our commitment to providing the highest level of quality in all that we do.

Right out of the gate, all of the items we produce here at J Devlin Glass Art, not only including our jewelry boxes but also our ornaments, photo frames, decorative trays, and everything in between, are original designs. We design everything in house, and all of our products are meticulously handcrafted to ensure a fit, finish, and visual aesthetic that cannot be matched by mass-produced goods - even those of quality.

In addition, many of our designs are even decorated with lead-free solder scrollwork and ornamentation that adds another layer of class and distinction to them. Most telling in the quality of our production, however, is the glass we use in all of our pieces of glass art.

These are not cheaply pigmented decorations, and they are not shelf items. These are real pieces of handmade art that are completed using Tiffany-method stained glass that has stood the test of time for well over 100 years. Even now, so many generations later, the Tiffany method is still held as the standard by which stained glassware is measured.

The Tiffany method for stained glass involves the addition to metal pigments to the glass and infuses them with color. Glass stained according to the Tiffany method will never fade or discolor, and will interact with different lights. Some of our stained glass even appears to change color depending on the light that shines on or through it.

Give Us a Call

If you’re shopping for yourself, then take a look through our collections listed above to find something that appeals to you. In the event that you are shopping for a gift or you have a question or two about our processes, our team is always ready to help and would love to help you settle on the perfect gift for that special someone. Give our team a call at 844-772-2145 if you want more information on our products, and remember - if you give one of our jewelry boxes as a gift, pass along some of these creative ideas for their use!

Remember, each and every order from our online store doesn’t just get special handling and packaging to ensure that it is safe in transit. All of the orders to our website ship free, every time.

Beautiful, original gifts that are still made with the care and attention of handmade art are only a click or to away here at J Devlin Glass Art. All you need to do is spend a little time sifting through the options before you find the one that resonates with you.

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