Fused Glass Collectibles Enhance Appearance of Patios, Gardens, House Plants

Fused Glass Collectibles Enhance Appearance of Patios, Gardens, House Plants

J. Devlin Glass Art’s newest and most unique creations—fused glass collectibles—are the perfect accent for patios, gardens, and house plants. These fused glass collectibles feature a charming array of “critters” such as a ladybug, ant, housefly, frog, lobster, butterfly, dragonfly, and more. 

Fused glass is the process of putting two or more pieces of glass into a kiln and heating them until they are fused together into a single piece. 

J. Devlin fused glass collectibles—Fsg 110 dragonflies

The distinctive shapes and eye-catching colors of these fused glass critters make them delightful, inviting décor accents when combined with plants or other nature-based settings. Their small size provides a subtle impression without overpowering the setting. 

J. Devlin fused glass collectibles—lobster and little bugs

Intriguingly sophisticated yet fun-loving, J. Devlin’s fused glass collectibles will leave you wanting more—no matter if you’re 8 or 80, you’ll want to collect and display them all! Tuck them in and around house plants or flowers, arrange them cleverly with a centerpiece on your patio table, add them to a small nook area on your porch, line them up on a shelf in a bedroom or office, or brighten your desk by placing a couple of critters front and center—the ideas for displaying these fused glass collectibles are endless.

J. Devlin fused glass collectibles—ladybug and creeper

View the full line of J. Devlin fused glass collectibles in our online gift store and in this video.

J. Devlin fused glass collectibles—Fsg 105 series creepers

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