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When you are looking for something that at least on its surface seems as undifferentiated as  photo frames for sale, then it might come as a surprise that they are some of the most versatile gifts you can give. If you were already an Olympic gifter, then this might be old news, but for the rest of the people out there who are simply looking for a nice token, it might come as news.

Which news is good news, too, specifically, considering the fact that every year there the floodwaters of mass production only rise higher and higher. There is little to stem the growth of materialism and cost-drive processes except for consumer behavior, and that vote is one thing that is definitely taking away some potential from the uniqueness of the greater market.

At J Devlin Glass Art, however, you can take some relief in the fact that our photo frames, like all of our other works in glass, are one of a kind. They are not only truly unique, but they are also made to ensure the highest quality of production and they are made to fill the unique needs of gift-givers.

To that end, you will find a rare spirit in our glass gifts, specifically in our picture frames for sale, that simply cannot be easily matched. Read on to learn a little more about what makes our photo frames so special - although the same could be said for much of our other glass art as well.

Defining Fitness

Fitness for a celebration, ceremony, or occasion is something that you should keep your eye on whenever you are looking for gifts. You will recall that there are some gifts that are - and are not - fitting to give depending on a given celebration.

For example, tradition dictates as much as any other what gift should be given, for example, at a wedding or at a honeymoon. It is customary to give a bottle of mead (or honey wine) before a couple leaves for a honeymoon - hence the name. It might no longer be widely practiced, but it is true enough.

Still today, there are many other traditions to which some would like to adhere, though tradition is not the only way to define a gift’s fitness for an occasion. Here at J Devlin Glass Art, you can define fitness also through a product’s intent and also through the level of personalization that you can offer along with it.

For example, here at J Devlin Glass Art, we specialize in producing unique gifts that are made with life’s special moments in mind. Below are only a few of them, and when you look through our collection of photo frames for sale, you won’t be able to help but notice there is a theme.

That is, we pride ourselves on producing photo frames that are perfect for the moment you want to celebrate, whatever it is. Read on to see for yourself some of the special occasions we can make the merrier with a special picture frame made just for the occasion.

Weddings - Weddings certainly are some of the dearest events any of us can experience and celebrate. Indeed, your own wedding day may be the fondest memory you hold in life, but that is a personal matter, and these types of things cannot be quantified though they can be related.

That’s why it is needless to relate that weddings are special occasions, although we related it anyway. Others feel just the same as you do, and when you want to give a special gift to commemorate the wedding and make the memory immortal and tangible, a personalized photo frame would be a great companion gift.

Naturally, your repertoire of offerings to the bride and groom will contain many other items, including, no doubt, a host of offerings from the wedding registry. That doesn’t mean that’s all you have to come with. The cherry on top of your well-wish for the newlyweds may as well be something unique, special, or even personalized, which is where one of our wedding-themed photo frames would really shine.

Anniversaries - Anniversaries are held just as dear in memory as the memory of the wedding, and if anything, each new anniversary is a much more momentous occasion. The event of a wedding itself is just a celebration with only a little tradition behind it - but each new anniversary celebrated is a nod to the love, commitment, and dedication that it takes to make a marriage work. Indeed it is not just required to make the marriage work, but to vouchsafe happiness.

That is why anniversaries deserve the same recognition if not more than a wedding. It is a joyous occasion to celebrate the overcoming of adversity and the triumph of love over all of the trials that the world can throw at it.

For that reason alone, giving a special gift for an anniversary, especially for a momentous anniversary like a 10-year, 25-year, or even a 50-year anniversary, should be an important one. Much more could be said in glowing admiration of the effort it takes to secure happiness and contentment, but we trust you understand the import. Instead, look through our collections of anniversary-themed gifts and find something special that you can offer up.

The Coming of a Child - If there’s one thing that can compete with the joy and elation of a wedding day, it is learning that a child is on the way. It is a special event that cannot be related well in writing, but it is one of the simplest joys of existence.

Whether you are looking for a gift to give that celebrates the holiness of the coming of a new life into the family, or you want to give something for the child’s first birthday that will be loved and cherished throughout all the ups and downs of life, you can find it in our collection.

We’re in tune with the things that matter, and this is one of them. Take a look through our assortment of photo frames for sale that are specialized for such occasions and you will be sure to stumble upon a real gem that you will love.

Baptism - Weddings aren’t the only sacrament that we celebrate through our unique gifts. In fact, we know of the significance that all such events hold for individuals, and we aim to celebrate them.

Even if the child himself or herself is too young to understand the significance of the event, those around him or her will not fail to remember. A baptism is one of the most important events in a life lived in faith, memory notwithstanding, and it is worthy of commemoration.

While the memory may not be there, the memory of a gift given before the sands of time left their mark on the mind will be. Give a special gift for a baptism and it might just become one of the most valued mementos in someone’s life.

Communion and Confirmation - Baptism might be the first step towards admission into the church and a life lived in righteousness, but it is not remembered by the child. By contrast, communions and confirmations, though they might not be as weighty, will at the very least be held in memory.

In addition, as they take place early in life, they are oftentimes the first substantial memories held of meaningful religious processions and of a personal relationship with the faith. Sacraments like these will be remembered and more than likely remembered fondly, as will the gifts that are given on such occasions. Give a special token in remembrance of these events and it will only be more appreciated with the passage of time.

Graduation - Graduation may not be able to hold a candle to the significance of a wedding or anniversary, but it certainly is an important and joyous occasion in a young life. It is recognition for all of the hard work that has gone into studying and success, validation of efforts, and more. It is also relief that some trials are in the past and signifies the yawning anticipation of opportunity that now lies before the grad.

It’s natural to feel great when you’ve graduated yourself or when you are celebrating the graduation of a loved one, and that’s why we’ve made it a point to highlight the joy of graduation in so many of our picture frames. If you’ve come here looking for a gift to make the most of a graduation celebration, you won’t be disappointed.

Pets - Volumes could be published on the matter. In fact, volumes have been published on the matter, and despite the evidence that mounts, year by year, the only way to understand that pets are a part of the family is to have them. You can read about the bond between a pet and owner or even witness it, but that does not in any way communicate its significance.

To make short of what could become too long all too quickly, pets are a part of the family, and there’s nothing to say in debate against this. At J Devlin Glass Art, we understand this, and that’s one of the reasons we have made it a standing point to produce picture frames that are specifically designed to celebrate the love we have for our pets. Regardless of how long they are with us, they are never with us long enough. Pick up one of our pet themed photo frames for sale and do some honor to the life of your special pet.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the categories that we make all the more special with some of our unique photo frames, but there are many more special events that you might wish to commemorate that you can do so with the gifts on our website.

In addition to the fact that we make photo frames and other gifts in glass with the specific purpose and intent of making them fitting for these occasions, you can also further personality so many of our gifts.

Just what and how you can personalize each of them will vary, and some designs are naturally more accommodating of such requests that others, but in many cases, you can inscribe a name, date, or special message on many of our frames. Check out some of the products contained in the categories above, and if you have specific questions, get in touch with our customer service team!

Defining Quality

Here’s something else we would like to draw some attention to while we have the chance to do so. A gift’s fitness for the occasion may be bound in the ways we have so described, but there is a lot more to it than we have covered. In fact, our artwork in glass, whether you’re looking at a wall frame, a picture frameset, or just another feature for home decor, is exemplary of the highest quality that an artisan can produce in glass.

For example, all of our glass art is made from real, Tiffany method stained glass that stands head and shoulders above every other method we have ever seen. Tiffany-method stained glass will never fade or change and has a deep, lustrous character that nothing can approach.

On top of that, each and every one of the gifts on our website is entirely handcrafted by skilled artisans. We have stayed far away from mechanization because we know there is a facet of quality that just can’t be touched by it. In addition, our items are all unique - you won’t be able to find them anywhere else. If you find something you love here, rest assured it was made by us and can’t be found anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for a tabletop picture frame to commemorate a special occasion in your own life or you just want to give a special gift, you’ll find much to love on our website. Check out our collection of photo frames today, along with our collections of jewelry boxes, ornaments, trays, and much more. Find your next gift today, and if you have any questions, call us at 844-772-2115; we’d be happy to hear from you!

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