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A jewelry box is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to give a thoughtful gift that will offer function and form. On the one hand, a jewelry box can offer the recipient a place to organize or store valuables or important keepsakes. At the same time, it will serve the dual office of showcasing them wherever they are placed. A jewelry box is a functional way to eliminate clutter and keep things organized in a fairly small space.

But a filing cabinet can do that just the same, as can a drawer or a folder - yet people aren’t running around looking up creative folder and drawer designs to give as gifts to those whom they love. That’s because a jewelry box isn’t just all about function - it’s about form. In fact, we’ll go far enough to say it’s chiefly about form.

A jewelry box is a beautiful way to give a gift that, by nature of the fact that it must be displayed, will be a memento of that central role someone holds in your life. If you’re looking for a jewelry box for sale, right here on our site you’ll find an expansive array of unique designs, many of which offer you the ability to give a personalized gift.

Since a jewelry box can be a wonderful way to give a personalized, beautiful gift to a loved one that will serve a purpose and occupy a place of honor, don’t settle - buy the best you can find. And if we do say so ourselves, you happen to be in the right place to find the best of the best.

That’s just the thing, however. A jewelry box for sale from J Devlin Glass Art is not just another jewelry box. Others might like to define themselves according to one or two value adds, but here we offer quite a list of them, and we’re going to tell you just how a jewelry box from J Devlin Glass art is not just another jewelry box. 

All Original Designs

If you’re going to give a gift to a really special person, that gift should be really special. All of the designs you will find here on our site are completely original designs that we’ve created. None of our designs can be anywhere else - they are the products of our creative talent and dedication to producing glass art and not just glass products.

This goes beyond our jewelry boxes - all of the glass art in our catalog is entirely original. Our whole catalog is the result of dedication to creating some of the most exquisite designs in glass. Each piece represents a portion of the inspiration that drives us to distill beauty from the medium that is glass.

That’s one of the many reasons you can come to J Devlin Glass Art and be confident in your purchases. We didn’t get them from anywhere else, and they can’t be found anywhere. If you want to give a truly unique gift in glass, jewelry box or otherwise, know that what you find here on our site is completely unique. Yet, as you’re about to find out, uniqueness is only the tip of the iceberg. There are levels to what makes the gifts at J Devlin Glass Art truly amazing examples of craftsmanship and quality.

All of Our Products Are Handcrafted

While we believe it to be impressive enough that all of our designs are entirely unique and can be found nowhere else but in our portfolio, we are equally proud to report the following. All of the examples of glass art in our online store are entirely handcrafted in addition to representing unique designs.

We do not offer shelf items, and our products are not the result of mass production and automation. Each and every piece is the product of a craftsman’s dedication to creation and inspection. That’s one more reason that our gifts are truly one of a kind.

With our exquisite portfolio of offerings, you can put an end to the gifting of casual, impersonal gifts that are a dime and dozen and churned out by the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

In addition to deepening the personal sense of uniqueness that handcrafting imbues to each one of our pieces, there is a very certain sense of quality that comes from handcrafting. Since each piece will have a craftsman’s hands and eyes on it during production, you can trust in this first line of quality control. Handcrafted items occupy a particular niche on the spectrum of quality, and we’re proud that our products can claim such laurels.

Our Glass Art Is Made with Real Stained Glass

Much as each and every piece of glass art on our site is originally designed and handcrafted, each gift on our site is created using real, Tiffany method stained glass, developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany at the end of the 19th century and to many remains a standard of quality by which many forms of stained glass are judged.

There’s no faux stained glass in our collection, nor is there anywhere on our site. We offer nothing but bonafide Tiffany method stained glass in every one of our pieces, and the quality is there. Real stained glass is created by adding metal compounds and oxides to the glass while it is molten and being formed. Real stained glass is imbued with the pigments of these metals and oxides and never fades.

That being said, real stained glass is a beauty to behold because changing lights can change the depth and nature of the hues of the glass. A real stained-glass artifact may appear different in the morning from how it appears at midday or under the influence of artificial light. Each piece offers a neverending display that you will be able to appreciate in all seasons and at all times of day for the capricious beauty that it will offer.

Tiffany method stained glass is obligatorily made by hand - though we’ve already covered that. In addition to being an exhibition of our handmade quality, Tiffany-method stained glass is created using premium, high-quality raw materials that give them a richness of color that cannot be replicated. In addition, some Tiffany stained glass panels can play beautifully with the light, even appearing to change colors under certain conditions. This gift real stained glass a whole other dimension of opulence that you will not find in alternatives. 

We Use Lead-Free Solder Ornamentation

Take only a cursory look through our catalog and you will see that our jewelry boxes and other works of glass art feature handsome solder filigree and ornamentation in joining the panels and as accentuation. Our solder is not only lead-free, making it safer and more sustainable to use, but it lends a whole depth of character to our glass art.

You won’t find any low-grade sealants or joining materials in our products. Our solder ornamentation fulfills several offices. It joins panels, provides structural support and also offers intricate ornamentation.

Take a look through our catalog and you will see wonderful examples of the unique ornamentation that we create with our solder filigree. In some instances simple, unembellished solder is used to join the panels of one of our glass picture frames. However, in many other cases, you will find delicate filigree or scrollwork creating a frame for the greater piece.

Many of our jewelry boxes are supported by handsome, detailed solder legs and traced and latched by the same metalwork. Take a look through our catalog to see for yourself - purple prose is no substitute for a picture. They say a thousand words each, after all.

Our Pieces Are Waxed to Preserve Their Luster

Our glass jewelry boxes are designed in house, completely unique, handmade, and accented with lead-free solder scrollwork. What else could there be to define the ideal jewelry box?

How about this - glass is fragile, and its luster, though impressive, is subject to the ravaging influences of oil and other pollutants, which can be found on the skin. Since people will, reasonably, be handling a jewelry box or any of our other pieces of glass art, those oils can smudge and otherwise diminish the potency of their luster.

Except they won’t, because we wax every single one of our pieces of glass art - jewelry boxes included - to protect and preserve their luster. It’s the first line of defense against oils and other influences that would damage their natural shine. Our glass art sparkles like none other, and we intend to keep it that way. It’s just another level of customer care that we offer to ensure quality and preserve the integrity and appeal of our products.

Since our pieces are individually waxed to keep them bright and clear, you can expect them to offer that same individual shine they showcase today long into the future. Place one of our jewelry boxes in a place of honor and you’ll see just what we mean.

Many of Our Pieces Can Be Personalized

Shop through our collection of jewelry boxes for sale and you will find that many of them can be personalized. In fact, many of them are personalized by nature, but many of our gifts can be purchased as they are or with additional personalization.

This applies not only to our jewelry boxes but to many of the other gifts on our website. As unique as our gifts are, personalizing them with a special inscription like a name or a favorite quote is just one more way we make it possible to give gifts that matter to the special people in your life.

While they’re unique in their own right, take a jewelry box from our collection and personalize it with a name, a date or a quote and you have the entire recipe for a special gift that will be cherished for a lifetime by the lucky recipient. A personalized gift is a great way to make a really unique statement to someone you hold dear, and with our gifts, that’s not all you give. You can give a personalized gift that also possesses the character of handmade quality. 

We Offer Free Shipping on All Orders

This may not be a characteristic of the quality of our products, but it sure is a sweet bonus that we offer to all of our customers. All orders from J Devlin Glass Art ship free, every time. In addition, they ship fast - within a few business days at most.

Right here at you can find completely unique, handcrafted glass gifts, created using real stained glass and lead-free solder scrollwork, that can also be personalized in most cases. That’s a really nice deal, but we make it even nicer by taking care of shipping for you.

By the way, we don’t just offer free shipping that also happens to be quite fast. Our glass gifts are true works of art and beauty, and glass is fragile. We take great pains to carefully package each piece before shipping so that you receive just what you ordered without having to worry about its security during transit. If you want to find a jewelry box for sale that is completely one of a kind, of stellar quality, and can be personalized - with free shipping - look no further. You’re in just the right place.

Top Flight Customer Service

Just in case you needed any more reasons to make one of our jewelry boxes the next special gift you give, know that we are proud to offer top-flight customer service. Are you interested in our process? Do you have questions about how we design and create our products? Are you just looking for a little insight into our lines and maybe even get some suggestions?

We’re glad to help you out with any questions you might have regarding our products, so don’t be shy about reaching out to us at 844-772-2145. Otherwise, enjoy our collection right here on our site - you may just find a new gift for your own home.

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