Redefining the 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

While we aren’t sure who devised the current methodology for assigning and defining the fitness of wedding anniversary gifts, the fact of the matter is that there are tons of resources and opinions out there on what types of gifts should be given for wedding anniversaries. For every momentous occasion from the first wedding anniversary all the way up through sixty years of marriage, there are classes of gifts that make more or less of an impact, at least from a traditional approach.

Actually, there isn’t just one set of guidelines you can follow to find that perfect anniversary gift to commemorate the immortal wedding day. For every traditional suggestion, there is a corresponding modern alternative, so for any given wedding anniversary, there is a minimum of two classes of gifts that you can give and would be considered well-chosen.

Still, if you’re here, there’s a good chance you’re looking for that perfect first year wedding anniversary gift. We’ll give you the traditional take as well as the modern take and even pitch an alternative, but don’t rush through the process. You’ll only get to give this 1 year wedding anniversary gift once, and it’s likely to be one that will be remembered and held dearly for life.

A Day to Remember

The first year wedding anniversary is a momentous one. True, the same can be said of any wedding anniversary. They all represent the triumph of love over adversity and commemorate an occasion that defines life. Every anniversary is a testament to will and love and should be celebrated and cherished.

However, the first wedding anniversary is momentous in a way that few other anniversaries can match. There’s a first time for everything, and the first time often carries a sense of accomplishment or leaves its mark on memory. That’s the case with first-year wedding anniversaries, too.

Not only is there only one first year anniversary (there’s only one of any given anniversary), there is also a general consensus that the first year of marriage is the hardest. They say there’s just something different about being married from being a couple. Getting used to living together with someone else and making plans for a future together instead of individually is a challenge. The first year of marriage presents a chance for many challenges to arise, but for every such hurdle, there is also the opportunity to overcome it.

That’s one of the reasons that celebrating the wedding vows of a happy couple a year after the fact is no light matter. In many ways, the first wedding anniversary sets the stage for all to follow. It’s the first, and some might even call it the most important. With the first year of marriage in the rearview and with the benefit of reflection, a marriage has developed the tools to flourish into a union the strength of which cannot be matched by any adversity to follow.

What we’re trying to say is that 1st-anniversary gifts matter. Take the time to honor that special couple, whether it’s a beloved union of one of your family members or just a close friend. We could all use more love, and a heartfelt first-year anniversary gift is just one of many ways to show it.

The Traditional First Anniversary Gift

The statement we made about the first year of marriage being a trial is not unique to us. It’s a generally observable reality about marriage and has been commented on time and time again. That may be the reason for the traditional impression of what a 1 year wedding anniversary gift should be. At the very least it may have influenced the theme.

Depending on whom you ask you’re liable to get a few different takes on the matter, but oftentimes it has been suggested that the first-year wedding anniversary gift should be made of paper. It could be a piece of art made of paper or a fixture for the house. It could be a personalized set of stationery or supplies for the domicile or something of that nature. The idea behind this lies with giving a gift of paper symbolizing a few different aspects of a young marriage.

For one thing, and this is probably the most obvious interpretation of the theme, paper is very fragile. Paper can be torn, shredded, or otherwise ruined with an errant gesture. Paper will also deteriorate when it hasn’t been afforded the proper care and shelter. Moisture and overexposure to light and heat will all do damage to paper goods. In a word, paper is delicate.

Yet paper is also beautiful. Paper can be crafted into some of the most elaborate pieces of art that you’d ever been blessed enough to see. While there are schools of art devoted to creating with paint or media like glass (like us here at J Devlin Glass Art) delightfully brilliant works of art can and have been crafted with paper.

The final piece of the puzzle is that paper, though fragile, will also last a long time - a lifetime - provided it is furnished with the care and special attention it deserves. If it is shielded against destructive influences and handled delicately, it will lose neither form nor grace.

If it sounds like we’re making an argument, it’s because we are. Paper in this respect is like the first year of marriage. Delicate, fragile, and susceptible to a range of factors, neither one of them is impervious. However, with the right fostering, they will both remain strong and beautiful.

However, there’s more than one way to make a symbolic representation of a marriage that has just triumphed above the first year. Paper may be the traditional take, but there’s a more contemporary evaluation that suggests an alternative 1 year wedding anniversary gift.

The Modern Take

A marriage that has just rounded the first year is very young and can be represented by the fragile nature, beauty, and hope of paper. However, this is only one way of looking at marriage.

One can represent the marriage by other means. Instead of assessing the symbolic attributes of the marriage itself, one might take a look into what would be required for the marriage to grow strong and healthy and to blossom into a marriage that thrives decades beyond the wedding day.

Some have made the observation that among the things that are necessary for a marriage to thrive heartily is time. Time underlies and underpins all things, and for a marriage to wax, it is necessary for time to pass. True, that is just a prerequisite; time is not the only factor in determining a healthy and vibrant relationship, but it is necessary nonetheless. Nothing else could pass without the passage of time as well. Also, time is required for constancy and equally important for trust to develop.

Unfortunately, no one can give the gift of time. Time marches on steadily for everyone, equally; it cannot be given or taken. However, what can be given is a symbol of time in the form of a timepiece.

Thus we have the modern interpretation of the ideal 1 year wedding anniversary gift which is a timepiece, more commonly clocks than watches. The gift of a clock is highly thoughtful; it is not as fragile as paper and with the proper care it will last for many years. It also serves a function that all households need and can be given a place of honor in a home.

However, as thoughtful and fitting as the gift of a clock can be considered, if we’re going to be sufficiently intrepid to transgress tradition, we might as well go a step further and make our own, independent interpretations of the 1st wedding anniversary and what gifts should be given.

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Here at J Devlin Glass Art, we specialize in producing uncommonly beautiful gifts in glass following age-old techniques and processes. We understand and cherish symbolism and artistic interpretation and so we have a new insight to offer into the matter of the first year wedding anniversary. While the traditional anniversary gift is paper and some have even suggested clocks, we have a novel first-year anniversary gift idea that makes similar symbolic connections.

The first year of marriage is a beautiful thing and it presages the hope of more beautiful potential. That being said, it is also fragile and requires support, care, attention, and devotion to flourish. Our proposal is of a type of gift that, like paper, is beautiful, and also like paper is fragile. However, this gift is slightly more permanent.

Glass gifts are fragile and require careful handling, but when afforded that extra care and attention will last effectively forever. Glass is also transparent, symbolizing the need for openness and communication, and that two souls are one in marriage. Nothing is hidden in glass; it is all apparent.

Glass has been proposed, along with crystal, as appropriate for different wedding anniversaries, but if you’re going to give a gift that really shatters expectations, you’re going to need to think outside of the box. Additionally, there’s no time like the first time to give the perfect gift that really makes an impression.

Give a Gift of Rare Beauty

At J Devlin Glass Art we produce works of art in glass that are not just ideal for 1 year wedding anniversary gifts but for all of life’s special moments. That being the case, some of them are ideal for wedding anniversaries and even themed accordingly. In our collection of glass art, you’re going to come across some of the following.

The glass photo frames we sell have no equals in our industry. They possess a rare beauty even among handmade art and many of them are themed to be more fitting to a given occasion. In our collection, you’re going to find glass photo frames that are custom-made for anniversaries and can be further personalized with names, dates, and more.

We also sell glass gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and photo boxes that are simply ideal for wedding anniversary gift ideas. Not only beautiful but also useful, these glass gift boxes can be used to house additional items, like paper gifts, and so can afford them the protection they need. It is also customary for newlyweds to write each other love notes and to hang onto them for posterity. A glass gift box gives the ability to display those love letters in a place of honor, in a beautiful frame. Additionally, many of our glass boxes can be customized with names, dates, messages, and more.

In addition to these gifts we also provide a number of other wonderful gifts in glass, including but not limited to valet trays, glass lamps and lighting, ornaments, card holders, and much more - but before you get too far, remember that one of the best ways to offer a truly unique gift for a wedding anniversary is to have it personalized.

Make It Personalized

A personalized gift is a custom gift; by its very nature, it is entirely one of a kind. Something personalized has nothing else like it in the world, just like every marriage is entirely unique.

Here at J Devlin Glass Art, we make it easy for you to personalize gifts for special occasions such as first-year wedding anniversaries. Just visit our collection of personalized anniversary gifts that can be personalized and call us to learn more if you have any questions.

Contact Us for Help

All of the gifts we offer here at J Devlin Glass Art are handmade by skilled artisans using only the finest materials and techniques. We use real, Tiffany method stained glass and lead-free solder so that the gifts you give will shine and sparkle for many years to come. They’re true heirlooms.

If you’re looking for some additional input into how to pick out the perfect wedding anniversary gift for a couple’s first year of marriage, don’t be shy about calling us. We’ll get to know more about the message you hope to send with your gift and then we’ll help you pick out the perfect one - call us at 844-772-2145 and we’ll find that perfect g

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