The Best Reasons to Buy Jewelry Boxes As Gifts

Gift-giving is a wonderful way to show our affection towards our loved ones and a great opportunity to show that we know them well enough to pick out something they would like. Gift-giving can be a rewarding experience for both the gift giver and the recipient. It is fun to get a nice present from someone you care about, but it also feels fantastic to find the perfect gift and be able to present that to your loved one. It is a great experience overall but does come with a small catch... You have to find the right gift first. It is a little tricky trying to find the absolute best gift for any occasion and any person. We couldn't blame you for finding it difficult at times. At least at J Devlin Glass Art, we have a wide selection of various glass pieces that all serve as beautiful gifts for a broad range of occasions.

When you have trouble thinking of a good gift to give someone, you should be able to turn to us to find something that will make your loved one happy. Some gifts also lend themselves well to a variety of situations. For example, you can buy jewelry boxes for lots of reasons and events and they will make a great gift each time. We can think of quite a few reasons why you might want to buy jewelry boxes for the important people in your life when you want to show them you truly care.

First Jewelry Box

When you need to purchase a good gift for a small child like your niece or godchild, you might want to consider getting them a beautiful glass jewelry box as a present. At this point, it will likely be their first-ever jewelry case or at least the first one they have that does not resemble a toy. Having a jewelry box at this age can get them started with keeping their jewelry all in one place, even if they do not have much more than some cute plastic rings and bracelets at that age. It could be good for them to receive such a gift at a young age to help them develop their maturity naturally over time.

A child in their pre-teens or younger, might not have much experience with "nice" things. They are less familiar with owning fine objects and caring for them well. Having a fine jewelry box made of glass should serve to teach them a little bit about taking care of their things. There is not much wiggle room when it comes to glass objects, so if they are careful and gentle with their glass jewelry box, they should be fine. The fact that it is meant to be a predominantly stationary object makes it easier for the child to grow used to using it regularly without running the risk of damaging it. This is a good opportunity to teach them about responsibility and properly caring for their possessions.

Get Someone Organized

Beyond being beautiful to look at, you can choose to see jewelry boxes for what they are: places to store your jewelry and similar items. They are practical items meant to serve a purpose in one's daily life. They make it easier to keep track of and protect our jewelry whether they are gold bracelets and necklaces or costume jewelry. For someone who is known for being less organized and a bit scatterbrained, receiving a jewelry case as a gift could be helpful. If you have a friend who is not very good at keeping their possessions, especially small items organized, then you may want to consider getting that person a jewelry box to help them stay on track.

This applies to men as well as women. We often associate jewelry with women and forget that men also wear rings, chains, cufflinks, watches, etc. All of those items need a place to rest. Men and women alike will often leave their things strewn about on top of nightstands and in drawers if they are not very organized with their things. These are some of the folks you will want to buy jewelry boxes for.

Getting them a jewelry box will help them to become at least a little bit more organized with their pieces of jewelry so that they can keep everything neatly in one place. It can become an easy habit to pick up since the jewelry box is so visually distinct and stands out atop a bureau. The fact that it was a gift should also help them to get into a pattern of pulling their things from it when they are getting dressed and putting them back in the same spot later on.

For Keepsakes

While jewelry boxes are best known for housing jewelry, of course, there are more ways you can use these stunning glasses boxes. Given their size and shape, you can use glass jewelry boxes to store quite a variety of different things. Many people enjoy purchasing a simple, but elegant jewelry box to store their keepsakes and small trinkets. As it relates to gift-giving, that means that you can buy jewelry boxes, even for people who do not wear jewelry at all. As long as they have small items that they like to hold onto for sentimental reasons, they can get great use out of these. They can store important, personal letters, small trinkets that were given to them or that they collected over the years, photographs, or really anything they want. Some proud parents might enjoy using these to hold onto the cards and drawings that their children give them. These sorts of things only become more beautiful and meaningful over time, so it makes sense to house such valuable treasures in the beautiful, elegant vessel that they deserve.

Graduation Gift

Another occasion for which you may want to give someone a jewelry box as a present is for their graduation. Whether they are graduating from high school or college, this is a great time in their lives for them to receive a fine jewelry box. It is at this point that many people truly start their slow but steady transition into adulthood as they consider what they want for themselves in the near future and begin taking action to make those thoughts a reality. These young adults are celebrating their academic successes and are moving on to a new stage in their lives. This is not only a great time to celebrate but a great time to prepare for what comes along with maturity. Young adults will begin purchasing and wearing finer jewelry than what they may have been used to using before. For this fine jewelry, there will certainly need a nice, suitable place to put them all. As these young adults enter adulthood, they may be able to get quite a bit of use out of a fine glass jewelry box. While they may not expect to receive one, this is a good time for you to give them a fine jewelry box as a gift to celebrate both their graduation and their step into adult living.

Room Decor

Sometimes you do not need a great big special occasion to give someone a gift. Sometimes you just want to get something for a friend or family member because you thought that they would enjoy it and get a good amount of use from it. If you feel like your friend needs some more decorative elements in their home or bedroom, then you might want to give them something that will fill the space out nicely. Decorating is not always easy, and even after living somewhere for a while, you may find it difficult to decorate the space and give it some personal touches here and there. Just a few small items can add a lot of character and life to a room.

If your friend is unsure of how to decorate their living space, you might want to gift them a beautiful, hand-crafted glass jewelry box as some room decor. They can use it to store their belongings of course, but while it is there, it adds some color and design to the room. Even the simple addition of these little works of art can help to transform the feel of a space. Your friend will appreciate the difference your gift made and be happy with this unexpected addition to their home. You do not always need an event to show someone that you were thinking of them.

Religious Events

Whenever a child in your family has a special milestone in their religious journey, it is a time to celebrate. You can mark these special occasions in their lives with a gift that reflects on these milestones. For some events like confirmations, you would consider getting someone a jewelry box with details added to commemorate the occasion. In case you did not already know, many of our items can be personalized with engravings. You can choose a jewelry box that you are sure the recipient will like and have it engraved with their name, the date, the event, or a brief message/quote. Whatever you choose to have written on it will stay with the child for years to come as a reminder of this meaningful occasion. The personalized detail is also a great way to show your affection because it shows that you went a step further to get them something that is just for them. In addition to custom engravings, we also have lots of options for jewelry boxes with religious designs on them. You can get one that has a stylized cross design on the lid or one with a subtle cross detail hanging from the side of it. Either way, it is a beautiful gift to mark such a milestone in someone’s life.

High-Quality, Beautiful Gift

We have talked for a bit about the reasons or occasions for which you might want to buy jewelry boxes as gifts. Now let's take a moment to talk about the items themselves and why they seem to work for such a broad range of events. The jewelry boxes at J Devlin Glass Art care carefully made by talented, experienced artisans. Each individual item is given a great amount of attention and care for how they need to be constructed. They are designed with colorful glass, textured surfaces, decorative add-ons, and detailed closures. We have great respect for the craft of glass art creation and show that across our designs so that everything is beautiful and well-made. These intricate little boxes make a great gift not only to receive but to give. They are small, luxurious items that anyone would be proud to offer to someone as a present. It feels great to be able to present someone with a beautiful object that you know they will get use out of. That is why we put so much effort into finding just the right gift for people. We genuinely want to get a great gift that we will be proud to claim. It fills you with a sense of confidence and joy. The look on someone's face when they receive such a gift and the warmth in your heart seeing their gratitude is priceless.

Buying the right gift for someone does not have to be a scary, complicated process. Sometimes a simple, but thoughtful item is all you need to make someone’s day. Just look at all of the occasions you could buy jewelry boxes as gifts for your loved ones. A small, beautiful item makes a great gift when given with love and intention.

When you are shopping for presents and think of getting some fine glass works of art, remember that we are happy to be of service. Ask us for recommendations or ask if you have any questions about particular items you were thinking would make nice gifts for an upcoming birthday, holiday, or special occasion. We are grateful that we are able to contribute to so many special moments and memories with our hand-crafted glassworks. Reach out to us through email at or by phone at 844-772-2145 during our open hours. Until then, take care.

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