Upcycling Project Ideas That Can Be Combined With J. Devlin Glass Home Decorations for Ultimate Charm

Upcycling Project Ideas That Can Be Combined With J. Devlin Glass Home Decorations for Ultimate Charm

Because of our love of vintage treasures, we enjoy toying with upcycling and repurposing interesting items that can be used throughout our home and garden. But as much as we love upcycling, not everything in our home is repurposed! We’re going to show you how to use glass home decorations to balance old and new together for a charming vintage appearance. 

J. Devlin’s vintage-styled glass photo frames, glass jewelry boxes, decorative night lights, and more are designed in a way that emulate the past yet with a soft, sophisticated modern touch, which is perfect for mixing with our upcycled creations. Take a look and see what you think of our combinations!

J. Devlin mini lamp accents vintage lace on screen door

A simple lace tablecloth makes the perfect replacement for a screen on the front door of your vintage-styled home. It reflects an old-fashioned style in such a way that catches your eye but has been repurposed in an inventive and pleasing way. If you have a secluded or covered porch, set a J. Devlin mini-lamp (like Lam 693 clear florentine or Lam 559 sage accent) on a small table near the door to welcome visitors, or place it in a front window for a more protected environment but with the same effect. 

Old wood door panels

Speaking of doors, so many fun things can be done with old panel doors that you may find in an old house, shed, or antique store. Use them inside your home to:

  • Display photos (these photos were trimmed down to size and finished with Mod Podge)
  • Use vinyl lettering to create inspirational words or phrases (these letters were created using a Cricuit)
  • Use paint to spruce up an old panel door as a lawn decoration (bright colors were used to shout fun and a whimsy design to represent summer)

Another popular creation from panel doors is a standing shelf, which would beautifully display J. Devlin glass photo frames full of memories on the shelves. There are so many unique projects with panel doors that we couldn’t possibly fit them here, so we’ve added several to our Upcycled Panel Doors board on Pinterest. 

Fused glass critters by J. Devlin accent old wooden garden chair

Lots of things can be done to spruce up a garden, but did you ever think of taking a vintage wooden chair, cutting the seat out, and making it a plant holder? What a beautiful way to add color and repurpose that old wood chair you were going to get rid of! This particular chair was used outdoors in a garden, so be sure to use outdoor quality paint if choosing to repaint it. You can also use this idea inside with houseplants rather than just setting the houseplant on top of the seat. And why not finish off your upcycled project with some J. Devlin fused glass critters?

J. Devlin glass box and glass photo frame accent this old vintage sewing machine table.

Other things can be repurposed without doing any work to them such as this vintage Singer sewing machine. It’s like having a side table in your living room to display extra decor. We thought J. Devlin’s Box 602 glass display case filled with vintage rolls of thread would cleverly accent the sewing machine table. We would display our favorite black and white vintage photo in J. Devlin’s Pic 224- 57HV clear seedy textured slant sided glass photo frame and place it on the new repurposed side table as well. 

Vintage accents make great conversation pieces in homes. They can reflect the style of the home, yet have a fun and creative approach that leaves your guests impressed. Upcycling and repurposing vintage items is a hot trend, and J. Devlin carries the full line of J. Devlin glass home decorations that will accent many of your upcycled home décor projects.

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