Birthstone Gift Ideas—Going Beyond Jewelry

Birthstone Gift Ideas—Going Beyond Jewelry

Birthstones have quite a history, dating back to early civilizations. Depending which month and zodiac sign you were born under, you have a birthstone gem that—according to numerous myths and legends—can provide healing powers to its wearer, especially when worn during it’s assigned month.

Whether or not you believe your birthstone gem offers healing powers, these gems are highly valued because of their brilliant colors and unique history. Oftentimes the color of the birthstone carries special meaning to the wearer and influence items they hold near and dear. For example, someone with a February birthday may have an affinity for all things purple.

If you’re looking for new birthstone gift ideas this year, try going beyond the traditional jewelry approach. We found beautiful glass gifts from J. Devlin containing each birthstone color. These glass gifts will be cherished for years to come and can be used as an heirloom gift, passed down through your family. They are also great for communion gifts, graduation gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, and birthday gifts.


You can find the deep red of the garnet in the J. Devlin Pic 325 series glass photo frame. In ancient times, the garnet was believed to illuminate a heart to contemplate true and divine things. Bold, bright, and full of energy, this red stained glass photo frame certainly looks divine holding a favorite photo and set properly upon a mantle, bookcase, or table.


Casting an intense violet to purple hue, the color of the amethyst shines brilliantly in J. Devlin’s Box 674 double-hinged glass box. Purple has been associated with royalty, and she will definitely feel like royalty with this beautiful purple glass box to keep her most prized rings and jewelry safe.


This birthstone gem is said to have a pale green colors that symbolizes the sea. Aquamarine represents hope, love, and friendship, and what better symbolizes this month than J. Devlin’s small vintage glass charm box, Box 405-3, with its dangling “friends” charm and textured and smooth glass, representing the sea with movement as well as at rest.


A diamond is every girl’s best friend, but especially if her birthday falls during the month of April. Usually colorless, diamonds have a beautiful sparkle and represent strength. Like a diamond, this J. Devlin 2” x 3” glass photo frame (Pic 360-23) stands tall and proud, with clear fluted glass and brilliant clear beveled glass with breath-taking sparkle.


The rich green emerald symbolizes health and wisdom. And with a green so deep and beautiful, it often brings to mind spring. J. Devlin’s Pic 352 series of glass photo frames features green stained glass in the corners covered with a lovely filigree overlay. Like the emerald, a colorful hummingbird in spring is a sight to behold, and these photo frames contain a removable hummingbird insert that can be displayed as artwork or replaced with your favorite photograph.


Associated with purity and passion, pearls come in a variety of colors from gold, green, blue, and black. They were once thought to be tears of joy from the Gods. Now they can be found on these shimmering, colorful glass dragonflies created by J. Devlin (Fsg 110). Enjoy them as a plant accent, set upon a shelf, or hanging in a window.


The red ruby is said to symbolize power, passion, and protection and aid in making important decisions in life. The bold red of J. Devlin’s Pic 241 series glass photo frames also symbolizes the three P’s while providing life-inspiring quotes on professionally designed inserts that can be displayed or replaced with your favorite photo or artwork.


This gem of the sun ranges from dark olive to bright yellow, but is most often seen as a pistachio green or olive green. It is thought to ward off evil, bestowing peace in one’s life. J. Devlin’s Box 782-3 glass jewelry box incorporates the color of the peridot gem on its lid, surrounded by clear autumn floral textured glass that will keep rings and trinkets safe from the elements while emanating a peaceful setting.


Sometimes called the gemstone of creative expression, the deep blue of the sapphire makes it a mystical gem—not unlike the mystical qualities of J. Devlin’s K103 tumble-wheel blue kaleidoscope. Made with blue opalescent stained glass, this kaleidoscope fills your days with colorful creations that will bring out your inner child.


The opal exhibits a spectrum of changing colors which is believed to indicate a person’s health and mental state. This taupe and rose stained glass table lamp (Lam 589-1) by J. Devlin features opalescent glass and exhibits a similar effect with different colors shimmering in different light and angles.


The topaz gemstone was believed to be symbolic of an Egyptian sun god because of its brilliant golden glow. It is believed to enhance spirituality, and so the topaz is the perfect inspiration for J. Devlin’s Pic 367 series glass photo frame . This frame features sparkling textured glass with an amber fused glass cross and beautiful butterfly artwork that looks charming displayed in the frame, or remove it to personalize the frame with your own artwork or photograph.


This gem ranges in color from sky blue to apple green, with the most expensive stones being sky blue. Revered by the Native Americans, it was said the turquoise stones could enable a smooth pathway to the heavens. It is also said to bring tranquility, which J. Devlin’s Box 508 vintage stained glass box appears to do while perched atop a vanity or dresser, reflecting soft light with its textured glass.

No matter what the occasion, you can be sure that birthstone gifts for loved ones will forever be close to their heart. To find more birthstone gift ideas, shop our online gift store.

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