Color Cubes: Spring Color Palette Inspiration

Color Cubes: Spring Color Palette Inspiration

Spring Color Cubes color palette inspiration has bold colors to add cheer to your home decor.

Springtime leaves us eager to get outside and enjoy the awakening of nature after a long winter. When it’s time to brighten your home decor for the spring and summer seasons, bring out the bold colors of nature using our Spring Color Cubes. This lively color palette is inspired by vibrant orange marigolds, clear blue skies, and a neutral stone color for balance. It just so happens that these are the colors of J. Devlin’s charming fused glass butterflies (Fsg 111) that come in blue, orange, and clear. These whimsical butterflies pique the interest of curious minds of all ages. You’ll want one of each to maximize this Color Cubes theme!

Spring Color Cubes Color Builds:

  1. R=130 G=201 B=229 • HEX (#82c9e5)
  2. R=0 G=108 B=132 • HEX (#006c84)
  3. R=236 G=92 B=46 • HEX (#ec5c2e)
  4. R=119 G=103 B=96 • HEX (#776760)

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