Gift Giving to Commemorate Special Occasions Builds Bonds

cr-tra-110-15.jpgGift giving is a memorable way to express appreciation or gratitude and to strengthen bonds with friends and family. It can sometimes be used as a means to say thank you. The gift giving process of searching for the perfect gift that fits with the person can even provide an emotional lift to the gift giver (think “it’s better to give than to receive”). Gift giving shows an unselfish concern or interest for others.

Some of our favorite gift giving opportunities are for special celebrations. Perhaps your best friend is getting married and you want to give a wedding gift that is as beautiful as she is. Or your parents are celebrating a notable anniversary…a special anniversary calls for a special anniversary gift! Maybe it’s a unique gift for your sweetie that says “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day or a Mother’s Day gift your mom will cherish forever.

Whatever your gift giving opportunity is, J. Devlin has a large selection of beautifully designed, timeless glass gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime. Give a glass photo frame the newlyweds to showcase their special moment, your mother a glass jewelry box for her treasured jewelry, or surprise your daughter with a glass heart ornament on Valentine’s Day and your gift giving endeavor will be a success!

View our video for special gift giving ideas.

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