Personalized Baptism Gifts That They Will Love for Years

Personalized Baptism Gifts That They Will Love for Years

For any Christian household, a baptism is a major event. It marks the celebration of a new family member entering the faith, and it is considered a milestone in their lives. It is an event that can bring the whole family together to celebrate and support their loved one.

Since baptisms are typically performed on babies or small children rather than adults, it is also seen as an opportunity to give a child some fun memories of being surrounded by loved ones and enjoying themselves. Because of this huge event, family and friends try their best to find the perfect baptism gifts for the kids that they will be happy to receive.

Often the gift feels more like it is for the parents than the children themselves because of how young they are at the time, but that does not mean you cannot find a special gift for them that they will love for years. In fact, it might be your best bet to pick out personalized baptism gifts that will age well with the kids. They will come to appreciate their presents more over time and see them as sentimental reminders of this time in their lives.

Personalized gifts are usually a good way to go when you want something that feels truly special like it was chosen just for that person, because it actually was. You may want to pick out personalized baptism gifts for these children to show that you care about them and want to get them something nice for this occasion.

We create so many products at J Devlin Glass Art that are perfect for religious milestones, we see countless people coming through looking for something special to give their nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren, etc. At this point, we feel quite comfortable recommending certain types of gifts that are unique, pretty, personalized, timeless, or anything else you might be interested in. Here are some of our favorite personalized baptism gifts that we think age well with the children as they grow up.

Picture With a Custom Frame
Personalized picture frames are beautiful gifts for the children as well as the parents. They get to enjoy looking at this picture of their child on the day of their baptism, and cherish it for years until the child is old enough to appreciate this picture as well.

The personalized glass frame is a nice way to present the photograph, while also preserving it. This is a great gift for the family and it is one that will have more meaning to the child as they mature.

Personal Keepsake Box
A keepsake box is a great gift for young children because it gives them the idea that they can find and hold on to precious things. They feel good knowing that they have their little treasures to stow away somewhere in their rooms. It is like a personal treasure chest for them to keep certain little trinkets that they collect.

Some of these things might be more valuable than others monetarily, but to a small child, all of them are special. Playing cards, figurines, knick knacks, collectible coins, and the occasional piece of jewelry could fit neatly into a little glass keepsake box as a baptism gift for boys or girls. The extra details of engravings over the glass box just makes them even better. Personalize them with their name and the occasion and let it be a nice memento.

                                    personalized baptism gifts

Keepsake Christmas Ornaments
A holiday inspired gift may not be the first thing that pops up in your mind when brainstorming ideas for baptism gifts, but it might be the sort of thing you were looking for. For many families and individuals, Christmas ornaments are not just decorations, but special keepsakes. They are items that people hold onto for years and treasure. Whether they are made of stained glass or popsicle sticks and yarn, ornaments can mean a great deal to the children who own them.

It becomes a tradition to bring out these special ornaments every year and hang them up yourself, even if you can only reach so high. As long as these ornaments are carefully stored, people can hold onto them for years, long into adulthood, and hang them up every Christmas. They are even better when they can be personalized to the recipient. Pick out a customizable Christmas ornament and make it one of the first ornaments they get to hang up on the tree.

Finding the perfect baptism gift can be much easier than you think when you have a good idea of the types of gifts you could pick out. Personalized baptism gifts in particular can seem like they are tough to pick out initially, but once you get some inspiration, you should be all set to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones that they will enjoy for years.

You can shop for personalized baptism gifts here, but feel free to look around our store beyond that section in case you find something that really speaks to what you want for this child. As long as it comes from the heart, you are sure to pick out something beautiful for your loved one on this special occasion.

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