Soft Modern Style: Home Decorating for the Holidays

Soft Modern Style: Home Decorating for the Holidays

This is our favorite time of year for decorating! We love browsing the eclectic mix of holiday decor on Pinterest and across the Internet, taking in styles from traditional to rustic to modern and everything in between. We are in awe of some of the amazingly decorated homes!

It inspired us to want to learn how to create such an amazing holiday setting, so we visited our friend Lana, who has a talent for decorating, and we weren’t disappointed.

 Lana’s home features a “ soft modern” style. Soft modern style is elegant, but in a relaxed and friendly sort of way. Typically spacious and airy with a soft neutral color palette, a soft modern style home has plenty of straight lines and a no-clutter look combined with modern décor. But don’t be fooled, this is not a “cold” look at all! A thoughtful mix of colorful patterns and curved edges brings the proper amount of warmth and harmony to this polished look.

Since the bold reds and greens of traditional holiday décor would look out of place in her home, Lana incorporated neutral holiday-themed decor with a touch of soft sparkle to create a beautiful harmonious arrangement around the central focus of her living room—the fireplace. The stone surrounding the fireplace has a colorful pattern of neutral colors with strong, clean lines, which is very fitting of the soft modern look. She played up this natural element in touches of her decor and added a hint of soft green to add a cozy holiday vibe.

rendy fur stockings, natural burlap ribbon, twigs, a glistening vase, soft background greenery, stained glass photo frames, and sparkly sophisticated deer all come together nicely to bring elements of nature into the design where glimmer and sparkle are subtly used throughout to create a look that is not too manly and not too frilly, making it comfortable for all. Natural light fills the room from the oversized south-facing windows.

Personalized assorted fur stockings are a great touch hanging from the greenery-covered mantle accented by safe “battery operated” candles.

Moss green and clear beveled stained glass photo frames made by J. Devlin Glass Art fit in perfectly with this soft modern holiday style with their simple design and soft green colored glass edges. Lana adorned the stone ledge in front of her fireplace with a variety of sizes. The clean lines and beveled glass compliment the design and look, while the green is subtle and neutral enough to accent and pull in the color from the tree and greenery.

Favorite family photos printed in black and white not only provide personality, but the black and white works within Lana’s soft modern style, allowing all the photos to work together even though they are from different activities. Lana chose to display memories of her three girls, a ski trip, and a visit to Santa.

  The large Christmas tree finishes the soft modern holiday statement with its neutral colored burlap, shimmering balls, sparkling acorns, glittery snowflakes, white birds, unique owls and peacocks, and icicles.

  The soft modern holiday theme is carried throughout Lana’s home with deer and soft greenery in the entryway, including a hint of sparkle. The family room end tables display more stained glass photo frames personalizing the décor.

We love the sophistication, harmony, and subtle warmth of Lana’s home and the soft modern theme! It showcases a classy twist on the traditional holiday style so commonly used. Thanks, Lana, for sharing your home with us!

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