Two Ideas for a 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

The first year of marriage certainly comes with its challenges. It’s an oft-observed fact that in many marriages the first year is the most difficult. For many married couples, it may be the first time living together, and making that adjustment can be significant.

Because of that, there is much to celebrate when the first anniversary rolls around. The first year wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate the triumph of love over adversity and to commemorate the original wedding vows that made it all possible. If you’re looking for a unique 1 year wedding anniversary gift , you have a few options at your disposal.

The Traditional 1 Year Anniversary Gift

The traditional 1 year wedding anniversary gift is typically one that is made of paper. Elegant paper art, personalized stationery, wedding photo books, custom maps, home decor, and other unique paper goods are frequently given on the first anniversary.

But why give paper as a gift on a day that means so much when paper is so fragile? Well, that is the exact reason that some choose to do so. Paper, like a young marriage, may be beautiful, but it is definitely very fragile. Without the proper care, paper can easily suffer damage. Like a young marriage, paper is a thing to be exalted but handled carefully.

While paper anniversary gifts are the traditional take to the observance of a wedding day from a year down the line, not everyone chooses to give them. Some would rather get creative and offer something slightly more contemporary and iconoclastic.

A Modern Take on the 1 Year Anniversary Gift

Of course, there are contemporary takes on what is a suitable alternative to the traditional take on what constitutes a 1 year wedding anniversary gift. There is a trend to offer clocks instead of paper, as these are more permanent and, instead of connoting fragility, mark the passage of time.

Another alternative is to give glass gifts, because glass, like paper, can be both beautiful and fragile. Glass, unlike paper, has a certain staying power that paper lacks. It is fragile but more robust, and some see this as fitting for a 1 year wedding anniversary gift .

There are also many modern gifts in glass or crystal that can be given in conjunction with traditional paper gifts, which will enhance the value of both. For example, special glass or crystal boxes can be given wherein love letters can be protected and displayed. Some might also choose to offer personalized glass photo frames. In both of these latter circumstances, the glass gift augments the value and thoughtfulness of a paper gift that can be given along with it.

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