Unique Ornaments and Santa Figurines Enhance Christmas Spirit

Ornaments Add Interest to Holiday Decor

bac58-santa.jpgIf you’re looking for something new to add to the tree this year, we carry a large selection of Bert Anderson ornaments. These interesting ornaments will make your Christmas tree the center of attention at your holiday gathering! Complete your look with Bert Anderson’s Santa figurines on your mantle.

Bert Anderson clay ornaments and Santa figurines are full of personality…they are sure to make you smile! Humor is a consistent trait found throughout Bert’s unique ornaments and Santa figurines—some show obvious puns and gags, while others are more subtle.

Each design is originally made from polymer clay by Bert. Once a design is finalized, skilled artisans prepare a mold that exactly replicates Bert’s design. After the production process, each piece is hand painted and antiqued to bring out the fine details while giving it an old-world look. Painstaking care is made to ensure each piece is true to the original.

What first began as a line of Christmas items such as Santa figurines and Santa and snowman ornaments, Bert has expanded to a large line of animal ornaments. You’ll find everything from exotic animals such as a tiger, shark, zebra, and panda to everyday animals like a cow, pig, raccoon, and horse. Some even feature accessories such as a hat, sign, or gift for a unique theme.

These adorable ornaments will give your Christmas tree a personality that everyone will remember! Shop our selection of Bert Anderson ornaments and Santa figurines today.

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