Why Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples Matter

In today’s world, all too often there is a premium placed on time and efficiency; how quickly something can be produced and how effortlessly. Today, profit and return are often the two biggest things in the forefront of the minds of shoppers and investors.

Although the principles of business have not changed at their most basic, it was not always like this. There was a time when quality and workmanship took center stage from process efficiency. There was a time when even the simplest of tools and trinkets were highly esteemed for the handiwork that went into them. Consumer culture has defined a world that sees disposable goods as desirable, places convenience on a pedestal over long-lasting quality, and allows aesthetic beauty to take a backseat over the quantity by which “good-enough” alternatives can be produced as quickly as possible.

There are a few things that could be said for materialism and consumerism. Though they are not inherently bad; they only represent a shifting of society’s lens and they do produce fallout. They change expectations and place a priority on qualities that were not highly esteemed in the past.

With that in mind, two considerations rise to the mind of the observer. The first is that there are still corners of the market where high-quality handmade goods still deserve the respect and admiration that is their due. There are those who produce beautiful works of art the old fashioned way, just as there are still plenty of people who appreciate art for art’s sake.

The other is that the institutions in life that really matter; weddings, welcoming children into the world, long-standing relationships, are not valuable for their levity. In fact, they are valuable for precisely the opposite reason - because they are dear, because they are scarce, because they cannot be cheaply imitated. But for time and effort, they cannot be attained, achieved, or experienced at all.

For our part, we at J Devlin Glass Art would like to consider ourselves as members of the cohort that understand the value of time and effort that go into forging lasting relationships, just as time and effort are required for the creation of artistic beauty. That’s why we eschew some of the more modern conveniences that forgo quality and character for the price of efficiency.

That is to say that it is our express aim to create works of art in glass that cannot be cheaply replicated, works of art in glass that possess a wealth of unique character that is irreplaceable and only attainable with skill and insight. Gifts and mementos such as though that you will find here on our website among our various collections required time and craftsmanship to produce. Each of them represents an investment in planning and drafting, as well as time and care that has to be taken for their creation. Each of them is handcrafted by highly trained and skilled artisans with years of experience working with stained glass and similar media.

Not only are all of our works of art in glass painstakingly designed and handcrafted, but we also take extra care to produce them using only the finest, time tested methods available. To this point, we create all of our glassworks using authentic Tiffany method stained glass. This method, developed well over a hundred years ago, engenders certain qualities to the glass that cannot be imitated effectively, except by reproducing the tiffany method itself.

Unlike other methods, which may be more efficient in terms of time invested, the Tiffany method stained glass is deeply saturated with rich hues of color that can change their character based on the nature of the light to which they are exposed. Tiffany stained glass will never be permanently altered and cannot fade - it is produced by the addition of certain metals and compounds to the glass while the glass is in a heated, workable state.

And so you can see our products, much like everything else in life that is truly valuable, are esteemed all the more for their scarcity, for the time it takes to create them, and for the skill involved.

Back to the events in life that are memorable; the ones that really matter. Among these some of the most memorable moments are weddings, and for memorable moments in life like these, they are significant enough that we commemorate them yearly. Every year, couples celebrate the milestone of another successful and happy year in matrimony. Wedding anniversaries, like weddings, are joyous and charged occasions, important not only for ceremony but for the significance they represent.

The vows a couple takes in a wedding should not be uttered idly or taken lightly. No vow ever should, but wedding vows, in particular, are weighty and for good reason. It is a pledge for life, for death, through good and bad, despite the obstacles that present themselves. It is why it is one of the most important sacraments in which an individual can partake. Perhaps this is because it is the only sacrament that does not only involve one individual. By definition, a wedding must involve two parties, two parties who consciously and willfully commit themselves through their honor and the virtue of their integrity.

Therefore the celebration of the occasion in hindsight through memory is no small matter. It is the reason that anniversaries are such momentous occasions, and why important anniversaries like 10-year, 25-year, and 50-year marks are so highly awaited and commensurately celebrated.

An anniversary celebration is the reminder of those weighty vows, whether they were taken 10, 25, or 50 years prior. An anniversary is a recognition that through the years gather and pass away into the haze of memory, a promise does not. It is a testament to the human spirit, to the resolve of commitment, and to the vigorous perseverance and dedication that go into making a marriage work.

Therefore, the gifts that we choose to give to couples on the eves of their anniversaries should recognize the gravity of the achievement. No anniversary should be taken lightly, as the effort and commitment that go into the making of a successful marriage never come easily. The gifts we give on these momentous occasions should be befitting of their worth.

We mentioned the cheapness of so many material goods at the outset of this article to make a point. There is too much of it and too little of the commitment that goes into a successful marriage or a piece of fine art. The value of a gift given will invariably shift in accordance with the personal significance of the gift, but there are some fine options out there for fitting gifts for wedding anniversaries nonetheless. Among them, there are many fine options that, in their very make and character, reflect the importance of the celebration. Many of these fitting gifts are personalized because that is one of the finest ways to make a match for a special couple on such an occasion - to give them a gift that is by its very nature personal to their accomplishment.

That is the value of personalized wedding anniversary gifts for couples.They are specific in their very character and will be esteemed in accordance with this principle. Therefore we welcome you to take a look at some of the following personalized wedding anniversary gifts for couples that you will find right here on our website. This is no complete list, however, and there are many more exquisite gifts just waiting for you to discover them with a casual stroll across our pages.

Our EB257 Series Anniversary Box makes a final and personal touch as an anniversary gift. In fact, even if it could not be personalized, it would still make a touching offering. Like all of our unique gifts in glassware, this is a beautiful little token that really can’t be fully appreciated until you are able to hold it in your hands or behold it with your own eyes, but in the momentary absence of that ability, the power of words, and a picture, will have to suffice.

This little keepsake box is made from beautiful iridescent glass panels that are cut and beveled beautifully to interact and play with the light in a way that you may never have seen before. Depending on the nature of the light, the box might give away the influence of cool colors, whereas at other times it would be giving off warm tones. The glass panels, in addition, are beautifully textured, even rippled, in order to bend the light into beautiful rays. That’s only one version of it, however, and we offer this box in other colors and finishes as well.

While this wonderful keepsake is beautiful enough on its own, you can make a much more fitting gift of it by virtue of the fact that it can be personalized almost however you like. It carries the words “Happy Anniversary” across the top panel and can be personalized with four more lines of text to send your own personal message. We take this already beautiful little keepsake gift and make it possible for you to honor those special occasions like wedding anniversaries.

This is only one small example of the many wonderful keepsake boxes we offer here at J Devlin Glass Art. Each of them possesses its own unique character and can be made so much dearer with the investment of a little time and a personalized message. Yet it is far from the only thing we offer in the way of personalized wedding anniversary gifts for couples.

We also offer a line of personalized picture frames that, likewise, make excellent personalized gifts for wedding anniversaries. There’s little more personal than a cherished picture, and with some of our frames, we provide the ideal setting for a beloved picture while enabling you to add your own personal message to it as well.

Consider an option like our EP549 Series Anniversary Frame, which offers a great option for a personalized frame as a gift for a wedding anniversary. This beautiful yet simple frame puts all of the emphasis on the picture and the message, which a clear pane of glass that seems to suggest ‘rule out all else but the focus and the message; that is what matters.’

It’s only one way to suggest such, but it does a fine job nonetheless. With the fact that you can add your own message to the frame, it only becomes all the more dear.

Of course, these are only two small representations of the many beautiful and unique personalized wedding anniversary gifts that you will find to celebrate the memory of a very special wedding day. All you have to do is take some time to check out the many great gift ideas on our website, and in no time at all, you’ll have found the perfect gift.

Whether you’re looking for a 10-year, a 25-year, or even a 50-year anniversary gift, you can find something very special right here at J Devlin Glass Art, and what’s more, each and every one of our products ships free, every time. Oftentimes one of the big hindrances to shopping online is the expectation of an additional cost in the way of shipping, so we remove that blockage from our customers’ path so they can get back to enjoying the experience of shopping for the perfect traditional gift for the special people in their lives. We’re also very careful to ensure that our products are shipping carefully and properly so that they arrive just as expected.

If you find that, while you are shopping, you have some questions about our products or processes, feel free to give us a call anytime. We’d be more than glad to help you settle on the perfect gift for the special couple in your life - or for you and your significant other. Give us a call at 844-772-2145 and we’ll answer any questions you have. We’d be glad to hear from you, but till then, take some time and look through our artwork. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect something.

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