A Short Guide to Shopping for Stained Glass Night Lights

Anyone looking through our collection of stained glass night lights is probably familiar with some of our more pronounced value propositions by this point. We offer unique, handmade, personalized gifts that are one of a kind for character and can’t be found for sale anywhere else. We do that handily and keep coming out with more unique, handmade designs, season after season.

But despite the fame that our stained glass jewelry boxes and personalized picture frame bring us, we’re able to offer you so much more here at J Devlin Glass Art. It’s easy to get seduced by some of those above offerings, but don’t forget that there’s so much more waiting to be discovered right here.

If you’re thinking about making a gift out of one of our beautiful night lights, remember that they, like our jewelry boxes, picture frames, and other glass gifts, can make a one of a kind impression. Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping through them.

Stained Glass Night Lights: Shop Quality First

The first and more important thing to keep in mind is that stained glass night lights are not just something that is nice to look at. These are useful, functional tools, and quality is important here. Unlike the dime-a-dozen nightlights, you’ll find everywhere, ours are meant to last for a lifetime. That’s why it’s important to shop quality first when you are looking for a home decor accent like a night light of stained glass.

-Ours are handcrafted - Like all of the rest of the gifts that we offer here at J Devlin Glass Art, our night lights are made entirely by hand by skilled artisans. There are no marks of mass production here in our catalog. Like all of the finer things in life, along with all things that are made with a slant towards the highest quality possible, our glass night lights are all handmade. They each possess little uniquenesses, traits that you won’t find in other mass produced goods. It takes longer and is more laborious, but we believe the end result is worth it, and so do our customers!

-Our designs are unique - In addition to being entirely handmade, we don’t share talent with the competition. All of our designs are entirely unique to our online shop. Try as you might, you won’t see any of our products, or any of our designs, for sale anywhere else. This, as above, goes not only for our collection of glass night lights but also for all of the other glass art that we produce and provide here at J Devlin. It’s one of the ways we preserve the integrity of our image. What we produce, we produce for ourselves only. It’s a completely one of a kind mark of quality! If you like it, get it here, because you won’t be getting it anywhere else!

-You can get accessories here, like rotating sockets - In addition to the glass night lights themselves, we also offer a collection of truly unique accessories for them. For example, we offer rotating night light sockets so that you can mount your favorite night light in exactly the right orientation that is most amenable to you or complimentary to the setting. As with everything we sell, nothing is standardized; customer experience hinges on personalization and we are proud to supply an uncommon degree of the same.

In addition to the rotating night light socket wall plug in question, we also provide other unique accessories like our Small Night Light Accent Lamp that is just simply the perfect gift for anyone who wants a night light with some uncommon character. This thing, like a night light, is small and useful, but unlike most night lights it is free standing. That frees you from the need to be too close to a socket. Like a little table lamp, this cute little night light is just ideal to add light and a little ambiance to a setting. A picture says a thousand words, though. Take a look at the link above and stop reading about it!

-Some of our night lights with a decorative flair match our other glass gifts - One of the greatest things about our collection of night lights is that some of them match uncannily to our other glass gifts. Actually, we might not call it uncanny though because there is nothing unexpected or peculiar about it. We practically did it on purpose.

Why would we have passed up on a glaring opportunity to make gifts that matched each other beautifully? If you like what you see here in our collection of night lights just take a move on over to our other categories and see what we can offer you. Just be prepared to experience an undeniable sensation of desire!

-We offer plenty of themed night lights that are perfect for personalized gifts - We’ll dive into this more at length below, but suffice it to say that we offer plenty of themed night lights that are great to give as gifts to those special people in your life. Perhaps you can’t easily customize a stained glass night light with a message or a meaningful quote, but personalization comes in more than just the form of words. Giving a heartfelt gift that took time to pick out is equally meaningful!

Consider the Appropriateness of the Setting

Accessorizing with a stained glass night light will require you to get in touch with your inner interior decorator. There are many ways to go about it, but consider some of the following. There’s more than one way to make one of our night lights an amazing gift, and these are just a few of them!

-Match the night light with prevailing color schemes in the home - One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to match a night light to a home’s interior design scheme and decor is to match the coloring up. While you might not take note, in passing, of the elaborate details of a stained glass light, you will probably passively note the harmony of a carefully aligned color scheme. Does the home have purple curtains, upholstery, or carpeting? Is there a touch of warm purple to the paint on the walls or even something usually unnoticeable like the trim? If so, then a floral light with a purple note might make a great match. Even a plain night light without a detectable design and a hint of purple would be fitting.

That’s just a quick example, and this isn’t rocket science. All you need to do is envision the harmony, sync of the colors, and the work will be mostly done for you!

-Synchronize the night light’s theme with the theme of the home - Sometimes, the best way to make a personalized match is not to align with the color scheme at all, but to mesh with the rest of the design aesthetic.

An example would illustrate this best. Does the home have a prevailing floral design scheme? If so, then a night light with a floral motif would be a most excellent offering. Perhaps the home has something of the character of a cabin? In that scenario, a tree night light or a night light styled after the woods, nature, or wildlife might make a great gift.

As you can see, in this instance and in similar ones, the colors don’t need to align, but the design scheme does. It’ll take a little bit of observation and creativity, but it’s not hard to do!

-Consider a fairly prominent location for the placement of the night light - There’s one more thing you can do to make a nice match for a setting from a night light, although it does not hinge on the actual appearance of the night light itself. This is more of advice for someone who already owns a night light and is not, specifically, advice for giving.

Normally, night lights take a backseat to the other features of a home, but in this instance, you might want to consider putting them front and center. That will help to ensure that they get more than an uncommon measure of attention and will help to elevate them to the level of a fixture of interior design, rather than as an accent!

Add A Personal Touch

The other thing you can do is to take some time to make a sort of a personalized offering from one of our night lights. It’ll take a little bit of digging and maybe some creative thinking time, but at the end of it, you’ll be able to give a really special, personalized gift!

-Consider the recipient’s personal interests - Do you have a friend or a family member that takes a personal interest in, say, coastal design or coastal living? While everyone else is busy giving themed wine glasses and wall decor made of repurposed driftwood, you can be the one who gives a themed night light with attention to that scheme. Remember, what a night light lacks in force during the daylight hours it makes up for in power when the lights are out. That is, the only thing that will be visible in the dark is the night light in a setting, and that gives them quite a dose of character!

Of course, that’s nothing but the quickest of examples. There are tons of other themed night lights in our collection. You can’t rely on us to tell you about the interests of your friends and family - that part is up to you. Once you do it, though, we’ll pick up the rest!

-Give a themed night light with an emphasis on some important personal trait or value - Do you have any friends and family that are proud of their upbringing or their faith? Give the gift of a night light that honors these with poise and appreciation! Perhaps there’s a special gardener in your life who takes a special shine to the blooms of spring and summer. Give that person the gift of a bloom that lasts all year long with one of our special night lights!

-Pair it up with a matching gift box or frame from our collection - Another great way to make a special gift with one of our themed night lights is by pairing it up with one of the other gifts from our shop. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to find a matching item from our collection of jewelry boxes and picture frames for sale, although, if you’d like some recommendations for how and what to pair up, give us a call - we’re always ready to help! Some of our night lights with stained glass panels will also match up with our ornaments in stained glass along with highlights from our collection of valet trays, table lamps (a great idea as a companion gift!), card holders, and more!

A Thoughtful, Functional Gift

Finally, remember that as beautiful and unique as our stained glass night lights are, they are not simply a gift for looking at. They provide wonderful value in the form not only of home decor but in functionality. Oftentimes, giving one, as thoughtful as it is, isn’t enough! Hallways, bathrooms, and other locations throughout the home would benefit greatly from the inclusion of tasteful night lighting.

Don’t Miss Our Other Lighting Solutions!

In addition to our night lights, we also offer table lamps and mini lamps, on top of the other categories of glass gifts mentioned throughout this article. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, you’ve just come to the right place, and now you know just enough to pick up the perfect night lighting accent for someone special in your life. That being said, we won’t give away your secret if you’d prefer to pick one up for yourself first!

If you have any questions that have not been answered by this article, don’t be afraid to ask! Just call us up at 844-772-2145 and let us know what you want to know and we’ll help out! One more thing - everything from J Devlin Glass Art shops free, every time - so get to saving!

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