Best Personalized Graduation Gifts of 2021

After a loved one’s graduation, you can’t help but give them a gift to commemorate their accomplishments and hard work. Many people tend to give them money and be done with it. That’s all well and good, of course, but it often is more meaningful and genuine to give that graduate something more personal and from the heart.

That’s where we come in. At J. Devlin Glass Art, we offer our customers the finest glass gifts on the market. All of our products are made by artisanal glass professionals who handcraft every piece, making each one unique and beautiful. Quality is our main ingredient and we take the utmost pride in what we supply. We use the perfect combination of age-old art form and modern designs in all of our glass pieces, including our personalized graduation gifts.

You have made the decision to get the graduate a fine personalized gift, but what gift exactly would be best to give? Let’s look at our best personalized graduation gifts to make this special moment in their lives be forever honored and memorable.

Picture Frames

One of the most classic graduation gifts to give is the picture frame, as it properly enshrines an important moment or event vividly forever. You can display a picture frame nearly anywhere in your home and be reminded of a specific past event anytime you walk past it. Therefore, placing a graduation photo in a picture frame is always a great idea. But, not all picture frames are created equal. We have various options in terms of these precious gifts, so which is right for you and your graduate?

Engraved Glass Photo Frame

Having a personalized photo frame is always an excellent choice in terms of personalized graduation gifts. With most of our picture frames, you can personalize them by adding the graduate’s name, the school or establishment they graduated from, and their year.

This picture frame has everything mentioned above, but also comes with a laser-carved graduation cap. It’s a very sleek frame that has a thin antique charcoal border with clear glass as the frame. The base is triangular, as are the sides, to provide the most stability, style, and durability. It offers a no-nonsense framework and easy cleaning so the graduate can focus more on the encased moment and less on the casing itself. These particular frames come with a wide range of dimensions as well and you have the option to choose if you want the photo to be vertical or horizontal.

If you are looking for a frame with a bit more color and stained-glass work, then consider our vertical gray and antique yellow, or its horizontal version, personalized picture frame. All of the lettering in this frame is laser-carved as well, offering flawless inscriptions of the graduate’s name, school, and year. There are three separate locations for the inscriptions as well, adding extra style and personalization. Each panel in this frame has a unique texture and shade as well.

All of our picture frames are made with the highest quality glass and lead-free solder, which protects you, the graduate, and the environment. They all have affordable pricing options, making your graduation gift both personal and cost-friendly.

Engraved Boxes

If you are looking to gift your graduate with something that is expertly crafted, can so exquisitely encapsulate their milestone, but also serve a practical purpose, then you should certainly consider our engraved boxes.

This engraved jewelry box is one of our best-selling graduation gifts and it’s no wonder why. It automatically comes with expertly and intricately engraved “Class of 2021” and a cap, but offers individuality in terms of the graduate’s name. This unparalleled box also comes in clear but also a variety of colors, including clear honeycomb, blue, purple, pink rose, and pale turquoise. It’s size is a convenient one: 3 ½” x 3 ¼” x 3”. On top of it’s convenient size, it also has easy, breezy cleaning care, which is done simply with a dry cloth for buffing and dusting.

We offer other “jewelry boxes” for the graduate so you have more choices to choose from. We have one box that has the custom “College Graduate Class of 2021” phrase with the option of adding a name, for just one example.

Although these items are often titled as a “jewelry box,” this doesn’t mean that their only purpose is for jewelry. They are simply keepsake boxes, in which your graduate can save any memorabilia he or she would like to keep forever.

No matter which personalized graduation gifts are calling you, you won’t go wrong with purchasing any of the above for your graduate. Be sure to browse all of our graduation gift options to get the full scope of our offerings. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 844-772-2145 and we would be happy to best assist you. 

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