Choosing Wedding Picture Frames: A Short Guide

Weddings are a special time for everyone involved, but for the bride and groom, it’s one of the most memorable milestones in life. If someone special in your life is coming up on such a special day, it’s only reasonable to feel the need to give a gift that honors the occasion.

Wedding picture frames are popular gifts for newlyweds because they transcend the feeling of the material while still providing an artistic outlet. They also enable you to immortalize a happy moment and frame it tastefully.

If you’re looking for wedding frames that will leave their mark on memory, you’re in the right place. This guide will give you a jumping-off point for choosing the best wedding picture frames. Start here, and of course, if you need any additional help, get in touch with our customer service team.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Picture Frames

Choosing the ideal wedding picture frame for someone near and dear to your heart will doubtless require some introspection. Ask yourself a few of these questions because may help you narrow down your pool of potential gifts.

1.Will I be pairing a photo with this frame, or will the couple?

If you aren’t going to be supplying the photo frame with a photo of the couple included, it won’t be as easy for you to choose a frame. However, if you are choosing the photo, it’ll be easier for you to make a match for the frame.

If you’re choosing a photo of the newlyweds, choose a photo that reflects their true selves and showcases the timeless happiness of their union. Once you’ve chosen a photo, you can mate it to the wedding picture frame perfectly.

Remember that the elements included in the photo will be deeply impacted by the arrangement of the wedding picture frame. Here on our website, we offer photo frames that are both sparse, with plenty of negative space and clear glass, as well as others that are saturated with color and movement. As a general rule, you can draw attention to a photo frame by creating contrast between the elements of movement and color in the photo and in the frame.

2.Is the photo predominantly light or dark?

Another question you can ask yourself that will help you guide your decision in choosing a wedding photo frame is whether or not the photo is predominantly light or dark. If the photo is light, black or white, or has relatively few artistic elements, then a light-colored or clear picture frame may suit it best.

Conversely, if the picture you intend to pair with the wedding picture frame is darker or more heavily saturated with movement and color, then you can match it with a picture frame that is equally dark or saturated with color.

3.Can I match the aesthetic of the wedding picture frame to their home decor?

If you know anything about the prevailing aesthetic of the couple’s home decor, then you can make a match for the setting with a picture frame. We offer plenty of customizable picture frames that are uniquely themed and patterned.

The easiest way to match a setting is by creating harmony with the color scheme, and we offer picture themes in a rainbow of colors. In addition, you can match an aesthetic with pattern and movement. Some of our picture frames are textured in a manner reminiscent of water, which is an ideal match for the coastal aesthetic, and frames arrayed with crosses and hearts, that are unique celebrations of love of faith, love, and fidelity.

4.Personalize the theme of the frame to the interests of the couple

Another great way to make a personal match for the newlyweds is with a frame that is personalized to the occasion. If you’re not sure how to make it special, take matters into your own hands and personalize the frame. You can personalize so many of our frames with names and dates; some can even be customized with meaningful phrases or notes. Visit our collection of customizable frames to see how you can personalize them to make them all the more special for the newlyweds.

Buying an Anniversary Gift Instead?

Just in case you were looking for an anniversary gift instead, you’ll be happy to know that we offer a number of specialized, anniversary-themed picture frames and other gifts. Keep in mind that the traditional gift for 15-year anniversaries is one of crystal and the modern gift for 3rd year anniversaries is one of glass. If you’re looking for a special gift for any of these occasions, make sure you visit our collection of anniversary-themed gifts; you may be able to customize one for the occasion.

Give the Gift of Quality

All of our glass gifts are handcrafted of real, Tiffany-method stained glass that will never fade or lose its luster, and ornamented with lead-free solder decorations. They’re entirely unique and cannot be found elsewhere - they are all produced by hand, for us. We also offer free shipping on all of our orders, period. Contact us at 1-844-772-2145 if you have any questions about choosing the ideal wedding picture frames

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