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They say there is something special about a 1 year wedding anniversary. It’s a real milestone - a year of marriage has passed in happy bliss, and it’s the first one to celebrate. Much like the first time for anything, there’s a special level of uniqueness that goes along with it.

If you are going to be celebrating your 1 year wedding anniversary, it’s possibly one of the most important celebrations you’ll make in your life. It’s a time to reflect on the triumphs of the past year, that love conquers all, and that there is value in commitment and steadfastness. It’s also a time to reflect on the significance of the wedding vows you take on your wedding day, that you will remain by the side of the person you love in sickness and in health, until death. You may celebrate many, many anniversaries in the years to come, but there’s nothing like the potency of the first time.

If you’re simply a friend or a loved one, it’s still a time to celebrate the wealth of love in which the lucky married couple is rich. First anniversaries are special and entirely unique occasions that demand equally special and unique gifts, and those things can be tough to find.

Here at J Devlin Glass Art, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most unique and exquisite gifts around that are entirely one of a kind. Just on their own, the gifts you will find right here on our pages can’t be matched in their detail and construction, which befits them ideally for giving in celebration of special occasions.

But it’s not just the uniqueness inherent to their designs that makes them something special. Many of our lines allow you to personalize the gift to perfectly tailor it to the occasion. Whether you want to engrave names or dates or even offer something a little more personal with your gift, we make it easy for you to do so.

It might be tough to say there is something as concrete as a ‘perfect gift’ for a 1 year wedding anniversary gift, but we like to think we offer something pretty close to that here at J Devlin Glass Art. Here we’re going to take a look at some of our great options that you can use to make a wonderfully fitting 1 year wedding anniversary gift.

It’s becoming far too common to search the ranks of material ware to try to find something that’s ‘fitting enough’ to present as a gift to those people that are important to us. But the important relationships in our lives are the most valuable things we own - they can’t be imitated or replaced. So we challenge you to find gifts nearly as special as the people that have colored your life with significance and love. Whether that’s your own spouse or a friend who is celebrating a 1 year anniversary, we welcome you to take a look through our one of a kind offerings and find something really special to make that first anniversary one that will be tough to follow.

Consider our EP637 Anniversary Frame to make a fitting presentation for a 1 year wedding anniversary gift. As with so many of our offerings here at J Devlin, it presents a rich and peerless character that you can make great use of as an offering for anniversary gift ideas. This frame makes the most of clear class in a way that many other frames simply cannot match. An offset clear panel is flanked by delicately patterned glass framing and the inset is outlined by panels of beautiful, somewhat floral patterning and design.

The frame’s clear panel can be personalized with names and dates and it even is customizable with the anniversary being celebrated. That makes it not only a great choice as a 1 year wedding anniversary gift but as a gift for any anniversary. Five years, ten years, even 25 or 50 years - this frame has the distinction of character to fit it to those ends. It would make a beautiful and humble reminder of the enduring nature of true love. Additionally, this frame, like so many of our frames, has an exceptionally stable square base that comes from the triangular panels that flank the sides of the frames. It’s another thing that defines the incomparable quality of our glass art here.

How about our EP625 Series Anniversary Frame? This model offers just as much distinct character as the former entry in a slightly different pattern. Where the former model is reserved and formal, this model is eclectic and inspiring. Customize it with the names of the married couple and the special date, and then make it really special by including the year being celebrated. Whether it’s the first year or the fiftieth, this would make a gift that simply cannot be forgotten. And as it is becoming more and more common to offer gifts that don’t give much in the way of distinction, that’s to be valued all the more.

Handsomely outlined in our lead-free solder scrollwork, this frame includes gently textured and lightly hued panels that add intrigue to the central image. It’s not just a simple, clear glass frame. This frame offers the depth of stillness and movement, and color and absence. Warm hues dance with the light altering effects of the rippled panels of glass. It can’t really be described - it must be observed to get the full effect of its beauty. It’s another great offering that can be personalized and is one of the great gifting options that you’ll find here on our site.

If you’re impressed by the movement of the former piece and of the arrangement of the panels that give so much light and life to its overall presentation, then you might find something else to love in our EP565 Series Anniversary Frame. That’s even more the case if you really want something with lots of life and color that is more structured and symmetrical in its appearance. This piece is beautifully arrayed in gently rippled clear glass panels set within the warm confines of a gentle green border. Our attractive metal latticing is geometric and evenly balanced in this offering, and it presents you with a classic, well-organized look in a picture frame. As with our other anniversary gifts, this one is ideal for personalization. You can easily add the names of the happy couple along with the years of significance. You’ll also get the convenience of whether you want this frame arranged in a horizontal or vertical configuration, and in your choice of two sizes. Naturally, you’ll want to set it with the picture of the couple that does it justice.

As much as the color and movement of our previously explored selections add so much light and life to a picture, we offer much simpler, sterner presentations as well. The value of these lies very much in their negative space. As much as the coloring and texture of some of our picture frames give a little more character to a picture or to a setting, the negative space in some of our simple clear frames gives it an air of gravity. And while we wouldn’t necessarily characterize true love as grave it definitely deserves all of the import that we would ascribe to other more ascetic tendencies. For though love might not be called severe, it is charged with the weight of importance.

Take a look at our P555 Series Anniversary Frame, which offers all of the weight of a clear glass panel, broken only by the adornment of our lead-free scrollwork trimming and the inscriptions of the names of the couple and the date they hold dear. While it can be said that the color in our other frames helps to add to the picture, here the simplicity of the clear glass lets the picture speak for itself. It also draws attention to the fact that the picture appears to be floating. In offerings like this, the central image itself brings all of the significance of the piece and does not rely on the frame. In fact, the frame somewhat takes itself out of the picture (no pun intended) so to speak. Artful use of negative space like this presents the picture in a fashion that has yet to be duplicated elsewhere.

These are some of our top selections in picture frames that you can use to make perfect one-year anniversary gifts, but we offer so much more than just picture frames for 1 year wedding anniversary gifts. Here at J Devlin Glass Art, we’re proud to offer other excellent gifts for anniversaries like our EB217-5 Personalized Message Box

With gifts like these, you can really let the color of personalization shine through to make a truly special gift to a loved one. This exquisite glass box is the embodiment of our spirit here at J Devlin Glass Art and is matchless in its styling. It stands on ornately embellished legs of metalwork and is floridly accented by our solder scrollwork. Beautifully beveled, iridescent panels make up the walls, top, and bottom of the box to allow the light to play off of and through it in a fashion that can only be witnessed. Perhaps the best thing of all about this offering is the fact that it enables you to send a personalized message. It’s not just a simple name or phrase that you can add to this box, either. You can add five lines of text to this box - so send a favorite quote, piece of scripture, or just a personal message to that someone who is so important to you. Then, the box can occupy a place of honor where it will not only impress an audience but will serve the function of keeping valuable safe or as a repository for love letters.

This is only one example of the exquisite jewelry and gift boxes that we offer here and would make a great one-year anniversary gift. Take a look through some of our other jewelry boxes and see if something is more fitting as a gift for your purposes.

Consider one of our photo or display boxes to make a special 1 year wedding anniversary gift. These gift boxes make a pairing of photographic elements and design to offer you an interesting twist on gifting ideas. While you might not be engraving the face with a wish for a happy anniversary, go back through your photos and find something from the wedding day.

Pair your favorite wedding picture of the happy couple with one of these photo boxes and even without an inscription, there will be no debate over the significance of the gift. They say a picture says a thousand words, anyway.

Those are only a few of the wonderful gifts we offer that are just perfect for use as a 1 year wedding anniversary gift. You’ll probably want to take a look through our pages of other exquisite pieces of glass art to find the gift that’s right for you. After all, we’re not mind-readers, but these are some of our top picks for use as one-year anniversary gifts. Take a look through our collections of jewelry boxes, other picture frames, valet trays, ornaments and much more to find what speaks to you. There’s no time like a 1st anniversary to make special memories, so let us help you out.

All of our glass art is carefully designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans, and finished by hand as well to ensure a flawless fit and finish. Each piece of glass art is waxed to preserve its luster and carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival at its final destination. We also offer fast, free shipping since we know that once you find what you’re looking for there will be no keeping you away from it - so we get it to you as fast as we can and at no extra charge to you. So whether you’re shopping for your own 1st anniversary or want to make the anniversary of a special friend a touch more special, take a look through our pages. You’ll be sure to find something you’ll love.

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