Helpful Guide to Buying Baptism Gifts for Girls

Helpful Guide to Buying Baptism Gifts for Girls

It seems every year there is a new group of young children in your circle of family and friends who are experiencing their first major rite of passage in life: their baptism. This is a huge cause for celebration in families that practice Christianity, so you want to treat it with the right amount of fanfare each and every time.

With all of these upcoming baptisms, you need to be ready with age appropriate gifts that will bring a smile to their faces. Baptisms are typically performed on very young children during their first few years in this world. Although children at this age might not have a very detailed wishlist to make gift buying easier for you, there are still some ways to make the shopping process simple.

There are certain types of gifts you can buy that will work well for such small children because they are things children can grow up with. They can appreciate these kinds of gifts more and more as they grow up and will still hold on to that sense of nostalgia and sentiment.

As you are shopping for baptism gifts for girls in particular, you may find some of these tips to be helpful along the way. This is just based on our own observations of customers successfully purchasing baptism gifts for the young ladies in their families. We hope some of these tips might come in handy for you the next time you need to find the perfect gifts for such a special day.

All Things Personalized
A good note to start off with is discussing the option of personalizing your gifts. Normally people try to find gifts that are very focused towards the recipient so that they feel like it is a more personal gift. They want to give someone an item that feels very special to them, but often feel like they could have done better, even if they did a good job at buying their present.

Shopping for personalized gifts might be a good solution to these concerns. Some items from more specialized stores come with the option to personalize them in some way with a message that you choose yourself. J Devlin Glass Art, for example, offers a large selection of glass pieces that can be customized with engravings. We can engrave brief messages onto the surface of these pieces and make them more unique in this regard.

This is a great option to have when buying baptism gifts for girls because it elevates the present and makes it feel more meaningful for such an important day in someone’s life. It also shows that you put more effort and care into choosing this item as a gift than simply accepting it as it is.

The exact message is up to you of course, but popular engravings include the child’s name, the baptism date, and short personal messages or biblical quotes. Personalizing a gift with an engraved message is a great option to take advantage of whenever you have the chance, so keep that in mind as you shop for meaningful, heartfelt gifts.

Many of the baptism gift ideas we will reference below also come with the option to personalize them with a message at your request, so look out for those pieces. You can also look at our personalized baptism gifts to see what we currently have out.

                                     baptism gifts for girls

Sentimental Items
The first type of baptism gifts for girls we would recommend shopping for is one that is full of sentimental value. This includes items like picture frames (with photos of the baptism day) and keepsake or jewelry boxes that can be used to store personal mementos over time. You can even leave a small item inside the keepsake box like a silver cross necklace just to round out the gift even more.

Fun & Decorative Gifts
In contrast, you can choose baptism gifts for girls that feel more fun and decorative, ones that they might enjoy more at a younger age. Small kids might have a lot of fun with a colorful kaleidoscope for example. Many of us remember the awe of seeing through one for the first time. Or you could choose a cute little Christmas ornament that can become their special contribution to the tree every year.

All of these tips should help you to find the perfect baptism gifts for girls once that time of year rolls around again. You can be ready with gifts you are proud to present to the little ones on their special day. For such a meaningful occasion, you want to choose a present that expresses your sincerity and love, a gift that shows you care and put thought into it. We think you should be able to achieve that with these kinds of gifts.

All of this was meant to provide you with some helpful inspiration to get the wheels turning in your mind as you think of the perfect gifts. If you need any more help or would like to ask for more specific recommendations based on our experience of providing baby baptism gifts, please feel free to reach out to us at We would be more than happy to help you find a great gift to celebrate the little baptism girl.

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