Personalized Unique Baby Gifts to Last a Lifetime

To all the new parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, and most certainly new babies themselves, congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than the start of a new life and an entirely new person to meet and help grow. Now is the time for celebrating, for honoring all these precious first experiences and embracing the love and wonder your new baby brings. Here at J. Devlin Glass Art, we make it our mission to help you capture those most treasured moments and preserve them in beautiful works of stained glass art, immortalized in your hearts and on your mantel. Our gorgeous personalized unique baby gifts are one of a kind handcrafted beauties, much like your new darling bundle of joy!

Each and every exclusive J. Devlin Glass Art piece is an original design, imagined by our design team and brought to life by our master craftsmen. The J. Devlin glassmakers take great pride in their art, using the same methods that have been traditionally used in the craft for hundreds of years. Our dazzling glass art gifts are stained using the same copper foil methods created by Mr. Louis Comfort Tiffany himself! The very same quality and beauty you’d expect from a stained-glass cathedral window goes into every J. Devlin Glass Art gift, brought into the modern era with our contemporary designs. Plus, all of our glass artworks are made with lead-free solder, which we’re sure the parents of your family’s newest baby will be thrilled to know.

Best of all, we offer exceptional personalization options to help you make your gifts truly hit home. Amidst our collection of personalized unique baby gifts alone, you will find more than fifteen different personalized baby gifts to choose from, including stunning stained glass picture frames and delicate keepsake treasure boxes. Each handcrafted glass beauty is laser engraved with your message, ensuring a quick, accurate, and clean result. So even if baby has decided they’re ready to see the world ahead of schedule, you can still have the perfect gift ready and waiting to welcome them home.

The shining beauty of a handcrafted glass gift made just for you is heart-meltingly tender on any occasion, but there’s something magical about it when paired with the wonderful news of a new baby. If you’re ready to share the big news with your family, there is no announcement gift more enchanting than our expecting parents’ glass photo frame (Pic 319-46H EP557). Featuring a sweet and friendly giraffe with baby balloons along the left side, this clear 4x6 glass frame includes two lines of personalized text to share your excitement. Let your own personality shine throu

Once the bouncing bundle has finally been brought in by the stork, you’re sure to have a hundred requests for baby pictures from those you love the most! When it’s finally time for everyone to meet the world’s newest member, why not treasure it? Our stained glass baby announcement frames transform your baby announcement into a masterwork of art that shines in the sunlight and wreaths your little angel in a sparkling frame of color and beauty. Frames like the New Baby Birth Information Personalized Yellow & Grey Picture Frame EP530 feature Tiffany style stained glass patchwork patterns to accent your baby’s beautiful picture in the center, while three clear panes around the frame can be engraved with baby’s birthdate, time, length, weight, and full name. These frames also make stunning personalized unique baby gifts for the parents as well!

Amidst all the celebration and excitement, it’s important not to forget the baby herself! While parents, grandparents, friends, and family are all eager to see the sweet little child that’s come into their lives, there is one very special person who deserves to be the center of all the blessings. For baby’s first birthday gift, we’ve designed several elegant keepsake boxes to be treasured throughout her entire life. The Personalized Name and Date Keepsake Box with Pink Glass and Cross Charm EB217-2, for example, is a 2 7/8 x 3 1/8 x 3 1/2 inch textured glass box featuring vintage, beveled, and iridized glass detailing and a delicate cross charm at the front. Engrave baby’s name and birthdate into the lid, or leave your own personal message of love and welcoming for the little one to read and cherish as she grows up.

In fact, all of the beautiful personalized unique baby gifts here at J. Devlin Glass Art are built to last a lifetime, because while our first moments are brief and exciting, they are the moments we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. We believe these precious memories should be immortalized in art pieces as beautiful as the lives they happen in because that’s what they deserve. So as baby’s first Christmas becomes baby’s first communion, graduation, and engagement, and one day perhaps an expectant bundle of her own, we hope you will continue to invite us along on this journey with you.

Congratulations on your new baby, and welcome to the world little one!

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