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In the pursuit to give meaningful and unique gifts, you’re bombarded with lots of materials. Some of them are unique, while many are mass-produced shelf items of little quality. So much of the time the materials we’re exposed to and the advertising we receive is just so much of the same. Even if you are doing the legwork and know what you’re looking for, you often have to sift through a lot of chaff before you find a real gem. The truth is that shopping through all that can be tiring, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Well, if you’re sure you want something unique, preferably handcrafted, the market can be surprisingly limited. However, to the discerning buyer, there are still some options out there out of which you can make unique, personalized gifts that will be cherished for life.

Here at J Devlin Glass Art, we are proud to be one of those suppliers that still takes beauty and quality seriously. Whereas it has become customary to look for quality among the mass-produced pieces that are typically cheaply made and imported, we here at J Devlin have broken the mold of materialism.

Each piece that you see for sale here on our site is proudly designed in house. We take particular care to consider the lines and shape of each piece of glass art among our wares to make sure that the finished product is graceful and aesthetically pleasing. We consider the color, clarity, and texture of each panel of glass that becomes a piece of any of our designs. We consider the arrangement of the panels of glass in our pieces, even considering the careful metal scrollwork that we seamlessly incorporate into our designs. Our jewelry boxes, valet trays, photo frames, and other unique gifts are all meticulously designed to ensure not only originality but the highest level of artistic appeal.

Not only do we take the greatest care to ensure that the design of our glass art cannot be matched by the competition and that our designs are piquant and original, we see to the highest level of quality in our production. Each piece of art in our repertoire is carefully handcrafted to ensure a fit and finish that is only found in the finest of handmade pieces. The crystal clarity attractive designs in our glassworks are perfectly framed by our lead-free metal latticework to bring a dignified and pronounced appeal to our finished pieces. After our skilled craftsmen put the finishing touches on our peerless products they are waxed to keep them clear and sparkling for ages. There’s only one way to fully appreciate the beauty of our glass art, and that’s to take a meandering stroll through our pages to see the contents. Among our most beautiful pieces are the photo frames for sale you will find on our pages. Carefully designed, handcrafted, and with a glittering presence that will cast the perfect light on any setting or occasion, the photo frames for sale that you will find in our catalog are without compare.

Our Photo Frames Make the Perfect Gift tor Any Occasion
Besides the inherent and unique beauty in all of our finished glass artifacts, part of the appeal of our glass photo frames for sale is the fact that they are incredibly versatile and dignified. They are ideal for a wide range of settings and make excellent gifts for any occasion, offering on top of a beautiful package the fact that they can be personalized and finished off with pictures of your favorite memories. We offer full lines of photo frames for sale for so many occasions like religious milestones, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more. All it takes is a quick look to be hooked by the beauty and richness of our product line.

Take a look at the photo frames we offer for sale to commemorate milestones in celebration of faith. Our Pic 177 and 178 frames are nearly ideal gifts for anyone who’s celebrating landmark occasions like welcoming a child into a family, baptism, communion, confirmation or more. Slim and ideal for befitting an end table while accommodating for images of your other favorite memories, these models are handsomely decorated with our handsome solder accentuation and finished with a cross to remind us of the gravity of the memory. The panels are softly dappled and offered in warm or cool tones according to your preference. Immortalize the memory of the occasion with your favorite image and the package will be a lasting reminder of the occasion. Our Pic 279 Series Glass Photo Frames featuring iridescent glass with a cross accent are just as gorgeous and would make every bit the impression of the former options. With iridescent panels framing the perimeter and a cross accent inset within handsomely beveled clear panes, this frame sets the tone for the memory that could never be forgotten.

For those special memories that you only need the right color and mood to accentuate perfectly, we offer many other gorgeous glass picture frames. We offer you your choice in size, orientation, color, texture, pattern of glass and more. Take our Pic 401 Series Glass Photo Frames with Ocean Blue and Clear Stained Glass. Lending a bit of a cool tone to your memories, this frame is ideal for winter memories, but the subdued and gentle blue light it allows penetrates the scene and is interestingly ideal for memories of the beach. The gently textured glass around the frame not only infuses the memory with a gentle and relaxing mood but lends an air of relaxation and fondness to the setting when exposed to light.

Similar but warmer, our Pic 417 Series Glass Photo Frames in Dusty Pink and Clear Textured Green lend a balmier touch to a memory and a setting. They would make the perfect gift to a loved one on a birthday, or for Valentine’s Day or even for an anniversary. There is a curious play between the contrasting warmth and coolness of the tones that are uniquely enjoyable. Frame within it your favorite memory of a loved one or as a gift so that they may always keep the likeness of you near. As with all of our glass art, there simply is no way to fully appreciate the beauty and light that our art offers to an environment but to see it in effect.

If you need a little more vibrancy and color to really make your favorite memories pop and come to life, we offer so many options that bring a rainbow of color and movement to liven any scene. Take a look at our Pic 412 Series Glass Photo Frames with Pastel Multi-Colored Stained Glass and you will see how much vivacity even a still photo may possess with the right presentation. Although simple in its appearance altogether, the patchwork appeal of its many panes in subdued tones awakens the scene with the movement and juxtaposition of soft and gentle colors. If you’re looking for a similar look but without any colors to serve as a distraction, our Pic 429 Series Glass Photo Frames with Grey and Clear Textured Glass Ideal. They will not detract from the color of the image you inset and in fact, will offer it a unique presentation in that the frame is alive with the texture of the glass but absent of additional color. Either of these frames would make an excellent tribute to the beloved images they would accent.

Perhaps even more fitting to offer reverence to a cherished memory is our line of personalized photo frames for sale. As beautiful as our standard offerings are, there are few ways to lend deference and adoration to a beloved memory than with a touch of personalized. And while we would say that our handcrafted one of a kind frames are inherently personalized, we are proud to offer a full line of picture frames that you can further customize to your liking.

Make a special gift to your family or to a family of friends with our Family Personalized Engraved Picture Frame With Soft Pale Green Accent Glass, available in horizontal or vertical formatting and capable of accepting your choice of 4x6 or 5x7 prints. Engrave it with the family name and the names of the members and make a gift of it that will be held in high regard and given a place of eternally high honor.

You could make an equally cherished gift to a dear friend with one of our exquisite picture frames. Choose our Best Friend Forever My Friend Personalized Engraved Picture Frame Pic 391 and give it to your best friend for a special occasion. Engrave it with your names and center your choice memory to immortalize it. The frame inset is handsomely flanked by patterned glass and the edge of the frame is a beautiful miscellany of ridged and dappled colored glass in warm and inviting tones.

We offer you the ability to give customized and personalized gifts on holidays too. For Christmas, give a family the gift of good memories with our Merry Christmas Holiday Family Engraved Frame. Simple in its design to put the emphasis on the memory contained within, it makes a beautiful and unembellished gift to give to your family for Christmas. You might also want to celebrate a baby’s First Christmas with our Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Picture Frame. It is also simple in its design and features the likeness of a Christmas tree gracefully etched into the frame.

If you want to give a personalized gift for Valentine’s Day, do so with our Valentine’s Day Pic 319 Personalized Frame. It would make the perfect gift to give to a loved one on Valentine’s Day so that memory would always be near when you were far. Make a celebration of any occasion with any of the offerings from our line of personalized frames. Whether you’re looking for a holiday-themed frame or one for a wedding or anniversary, we have choices that you can personalize to perfectly suit any occasion.

All Unique, All Original
Whatever occasion you choose to grace with the beauty of one of our exquisite and elegant photo frames, you can rest assured with the confidence that it will impress and delight. Only half of the beauty of our glass art is in the simple design of their elements. So much more of it is in the presentation. When exposed to light - natural or artificial - all of our glass pieces, frames included, come to life and breathe with the nature of the environment. Not only do they shine and sparkle with the sunlight, but their hues are also a living representation of the quality of the light. As it waxes and wanes so will the influence of our frames have on their location of honor. Sunrise, sunset, moonlight and electric light all hold a special charm that our glass art will unlock when given the opportunity.

And not only will the photo frames for sale here make unique and cherished gifts to friends and loved ones while also giving the special quality of rare beauty to the spaces they inhabit, but you will also receive the highest level of customer care and appreciation when you shop with us here at J Devlin Glass Art.

First and foremost, our packages are all carefully packaged to ensure the safe shipment of the contents, and all orders to us ship free. That means you can be right on your way to an incomparably special, personalized gift for a loved one without ever paying a cent of shipping. Give us a call at 844-722-2145 or reach out to us at customerservice@jdevlinglassart.com to talk to us about our exquisite wares. We’re glad to answer any questions and to help you explore our product lines so that you can be sure you’ve picked the perfect gift for just about any occasion. There’s little to wait for - take a look through our pages of picture frames and find a gift you can be really proud of today.

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