Since 1999, J. Devlin has established a reputation for original and exclusive glass art designs that are as beautiful as they are functional.

As artists, we recognize and appreciate the ability to create something so unique and special that it will bring years of enjoyment to your home. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bert Anderson to bring you his original clay designs reproduced in a cast resin and hand painted.

Bert’s figurines and ornaments have a sophisticated, yet fun personality and unexpected twist of humor that will delight you. Before there can be a figurine or ornament, there must first be an idea. Bert gets his ideas from “all over.” Memories from childhood or a face in the crowd can spark an idea. “I never start with a finished image in mind,” Bert explains. “I like to let the clay have a say in what the final piece will look like. Sometimes the best ideas seem to jump out of the clay as I’m working. I’m always adding things and taking them away, trying different looks until I’m satisfied with the results. It’s my hope that this method of sculpting gives a feeling of spontaneity to the piece.”